Working From Home Is Not A Bed Of Roses

This article is so apt to me. I am a WAHM (Work at Home Mum) since AJ was 1 YO. Life was easier then as I had a live-in helper. So, when I switched from FTWM (Full-time Working Mum) to a WAHM, the transition was more on myself than the whole family. I just needed to deal with myself.

First of all, the bed is tempting, especially when I did not have enough sleep & when caffeine just did not work. But I am a discipline person by nature. I did nap, but scheduled it during lunch time.

Secondly, I felt that I had no ‘physically real’ persons to talk to suddenly - the ‘lost’ of friends/colleagues. All that I had was a baby, a helper & 4 walls. I did not have any person whom I can strike meaningful conversation with. It really took me a while to accustom to this kind of arrangement, & it was as long as 2 years!

But it was a necessary choice that I had made, a biblical one too. So I just had to obey & move on.

Struggles came again when AJ tuned 3 & that my live-in helper had to leave. The father & I decided that we would not get another live-in helper & so I had to manage the trio task – AJ, the daily housework & my work. Though we had a part-time cleaner who came once a week, there were still many daily chores that I could not get away with. There was no help - my parents had passed away & my in-laws were in Malaysia.  In the end I was exhausted. So we tried ‘tengkat’ so that I need not cook. But, my health took a hit. We realized that the ‘outside’ food was bad for our health & this should not go on.

Thus, there was another decision to make – to put the work on hold & just focus on AJ & the household, after much struggles (& arguments) of course.

Life went on. AJ started formal education this year & I am now gearing up for my work again. Working from home is not a bed of roses, & is certainly not a heaven-sent on the issue of work-life balance. Before you decide on this path, consider whether you can set aside decent & quiet time for your work, have a quiet setting at home to concentrate on your work & support from your family.

Thank God for the bumps along the way that helped me to focus on what are important. Pray that I will continue to be tread the path that He wants me to.

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