A Moment To Cherish

This is my turning-7-soon boy co-sleeping on my bed with me during an afternoon nap. Moment like this is 1 of which I cherish.  Watching him nap peacefully next to me reconnects our bond, especially after the screaming & yelling during the rest of the day (oops!).  Many parents will discourage children co-sleeping with them.  Not me.  Yes, AJ has his own room & he sleeps in his own room in the night.  But, when it comes to napping, we welcome him to co-sleep (co-nap?) with us.  This is a moment of reminiscence when I recollect him being a baby, a toddler & now a little boy.  Moment like this will come to pass as the clock ticks.  As he grows, he will certainly feel awkward co-sleeping with his parents.  Until then, I shall enjoy this very moment.

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