Walking Thankfully

I have always been taking walking for granted, I mean, unless you are handicap for some reasons, we take walking like breathing, dont we?

However ... ...

On 20 March  - my right pelvic joint was in great pain, I did not fall, I did not hurt myself.  The pain came gradually but intensified in the night & it immobilised me.  There was no improvement the next morning, I had to call my sister to send me to the hospital.  I admitted myself to SGH A&E.  The doctors did x-ray on many parts of my right limps, but no signs of  fracture was shown.  They were as puzzled as I was.  Nonetheless, I was administered pain killer & muscle relaxer to relieve my pain.  A MRI scan has been scheduled for me in May to confirm if I have Avascular Necrosis (AVN).  I was discharged on the same day when the pain subsided (probably due to the pain killer & muscle relaxer).  Gradually, I regained my mobility. Life went on.

On 30 March - That fateful Saturday morning, we brought AJ to Raffles Place to experience the Playsets of Yesteryear.  I had probably hurt my right foot while doing this stunt.  Well, I have forgotten that I have aged, & with the good intention to encourage my son to be more adventurous, I hurt myself unknowingly.  

That night we had to attend an anniversary dinner as AJ was 1 of the performers.  I had slight pain on my right foot by then but I endured in order to send AJ there (the father had to leave much earlier for rehearsal).  The pain intensified during the dinner.  1 of my church friends came over to my table to check my foot & noted that I had sprained 3 of my veins!  Long story cut short, eventually I made a grand exit from the ballroom on a wheelchair.  Almost famous overnight!

I went to see TCM for acupuncture the next day, & soaked my elephant foot in strong alkaline water to reduce the swell.  Gradually, I regained my mobility. Life went on.

On 7 April - my second toes of each foot got inflamed. The symptom is similar to that of gout but i have tested my uric acid & confirmed that it is not gout. The next thing the doctor wanted to confirm was whether it is Rheumatoid Arthritis. The referral check will be in July (public hospital - long wait).  I seriously doubt it is Rheumatoid Arthritis.  My instinct told me, but no harm checking.  To me, it is more like a healing crisis since I have been detoxing myself for the last 6 months. 

Today, I can finally walk without holding on to any support, howbeit, very slowly.  I am so used to zipping in/out, I am so used to walking fast, but now I take 5 times the time to walk the same distance (with pain, of course).  But I'm not dismay.  It makes me feel thankful that I can walk.  I know I can walk properly soon, I will.

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  1. Hang in there Jenn! You will regain your strength to walk well again soon.

  2. Oh my....I hope u r feeling better now!

  3. Oh dear, sounds like a very tough few weeks for u. I pray that u will be well very soon.

  4. Take good care of yourself Jenn, and i think the best way of healing is self motivation and positivity so keep your heads up high and get yourself nursed back to health!

  5. Jenn, praying for a full and speedy recover for you...don't be disheartened, you will be able to walk as you did before these chain of unfortunate events. Hugs!

  6. Hi Jenn, am keeping u in my prayers..I hope u will regain your full mobility soon. Slow things down a little and cont.to stay positive ^^

  7. Jenn, I admire your tenacity!

    Best wishes for a full recovery!

  8. Hang in there Jenn! Sending you prayers, and hope the pain goes away soon.

  9. Take your time to recover... and don't rush things. Sometimes it is good to slow down though I can imagine it can be hard. Hang in there!

  10. Oh dear, Mummy, I wiIl pray for you. Get well soon! =-)


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