Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcake

Cooking & baking are never in my blood.  When I was in secondary school, we were given a choice to choose Home Economies or Technical.  Naturally, I chose Technical.  I simply dislike the stuff that women do at home.  But that does not mean I do not like food.  I love to eat & am pretty good with food tasting.  I just do not like the process of cooking & baking.

When I was living with my mom, I did not have to worry about food & housework, all these were taken care by her.  She was an excellent cook too.

When I got married & had my child, I had a live-in helper.  Again, I did not have to worry much about food & housework, all these were taken care by her. 

But when my helper left 4 years ago, & that we decided not to have any live-in helper, I started to panic.  Cooking & baking are not my forte, I never like them too.  But I understand the danger to health if one eats out often.  I was left with no choice but to cook.

Initially I did not know what kind of ingredients are better for health, what kind are harmful.  So I would buy anything the supermarkets sell, assuming that all are safe to consumer since we have a stringent food control in our country (right?).  It was only a year ago that I was brought to light what kind of ingredients are better for health, what kind are harmful (I am still learning, though).

Recently I started to explore more recipes to keep the meals interesting.  I chanced into Munch Ministry, a website which has quite a lot of interesting recipes.  While not all suit our needs, I can always modify the recipes & replace the ingredients of my choice.

In celebration of Singapore Mom Bloggers’ (SMB) 1st birthday (a blogging community that I am in), Munch Ministry offers us a class on how to bake Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcake.  & so I went.

It was held at Civil ServiceClub – Tessensohn Clubhouse.  The fully-equipped kitchen is certainly impressive, with 6 island counters for students to DIY.

Here’s our sifu (masters), Pauline & Louisa, demonstrating the process of baking Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcake.

Then it was our turn to DIY.

& it turned out really lovely.  I could not resist & ate 1 while it was hot from oven. Oh, so yummy!  The texture was soft & light, & it could almost melt in my mouth!  After adding in the filling, the gluttony set in & I took another one.  Oh, that was awesome!  I thought I could finish all 8 but I resisted because I have to think of my waistline & my little boy who might be keen to try this out.

So I ‘dabao’ (packed) 8 back.  True enough, it was a hit at home, they were gone in less than 24 hours.  AJ loves them so much!

Baking together is fun! I also got to know some of the mom bloggers like Jasmine Koh & Evelyn Tan-Rogers better.  There were some I met for the 1st time like Sandra Tan, Jing Seng, Donna Tan Ling Siew.  I would like to thank Rachel Teo from SMB, Louisa Loh & Pauline Wong from Munch Ministry for organizing this workshop.  I really enjoyed myself.

& if you are keen to bake it, here's the link to the recipes posted in Munch Ministry. Enjoy!

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