Favourite Cycling Route to Favourite Food Outlet

Hans @ Paya Lebar Trinity Church is 1 of our favourite hangout places when we could not think of where else to go for a meal.  It is 1 of the more family friendly restaurants I have come across.

We would usually bring AJ to cycle or scoot from our place.  It is a good workout for him considering that it is about 4km to & fro.

 AJ cycling while mom is on her bike taking photo

The father managed to catch up.

I have attached the route we usually take here.  We would cut through Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) to Circuit Road via an overhead bridge to get to the park connector along Pelton Canal, above Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE).  It is also 1 of our favourite cycling/scooting routes too.

There are few reasons why we like Hans @ Paya Lebar Trinity Church.  Here are 5 to start with:

(1) It is not crowded
Yup, it is not crowded on weekdays or even weekends when there are no church activities.  We went there today (May Day) & it was pretty empty.

(2) There are ample seating
Because of its size, Hans in this location has plenty of seats.  When there is no crowd, yet with plenty of seats to choose from, you can be sure you can dine in peace.

 Almost empty

 There is outdoor seating too!

(3) The place is spacious
The church premise is huge, it has a lot of space for the children to explore & play.

Huge outdoor space

(4) Reasonable quality at reasonable price
I think you would concur with me that the food in Hans is nothing to shout about.  For that price we pay (which is only slightly above food court prices), the food there is considered of reasonable standard.

Grilled Fish for AJ, Salmon & Green Pepper for the father & Vegetarian Hor Fun for me

(5) There is free WiFi
Oh, a bonus here is that there is free WiFi.  So you can bring your notebook along to work, tablets/smartphones to surf & play without having to pay data charges.

The boys like to play Secret Code while waiting for their food to be served.  Today, the father came out with this that almost killed half of our brain cells.  We managed to crack the code with a hint graciously given by the father.  Do you want to take up the challenge to break the code?

Guess the alphabets for the Triangle & the Question Mark.
Hint: the Question Mark is a vowel, & it represents any vowels.

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  1. The route looks really far off!!! And After staring at the secret code for the pat hour, i still cannot solve it!!

  2. Haha! Triangle is a 'M'.


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