RIP Glenn Doman

I was saddened by the news that popped up on my Facebook personal page this evening.

This man, whom I owe AJ's early literacy to, is no longer around.  I do not think I could teach AJ that effectively without knowing his teaching method.  I thank God for leading me to know his contributions, his method of teaching & his passion.

Glenn Doman (GD) was a very gracious person.  He founded The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP)in 1955, a non-profit organisation, to teach parents how to teach their brain-injured children. His teaching method was later used to teach the well children as well because he found out that the well siblings of the brain-injured children have benefited.  You can read more about it here.

This noble man did not want to patent his teaching method because he had wanted this effective method to be shared so that more people could benefit from it.  However, this also resulted the market flooded with so-called flash cards that are either of font size & colour not approved by IAHP or books/cards with words over the pictures. 

Glenn Doman's teaching method was more than just flashing cards, but the merchandise in the market were so watered down that brought much discredit to this great man.  

Many parents who started their children on GD method either did not have the patience to follow through or did not follow exactly what were stipulated & simply brushed it off that it did not work on their children.

I have read all his books thoroughly before I embarked on his method 6 years ago.  I followed what were stipulated closely & I saw great results.  There was such great conviction that his method works that I wanted to take up the distributorship but I was too late.  There is already a sole distributor here in Singapore.

I even thought of sending AJ to the Institute to study till he reaches high school level.  Of course, the cost involved was a barrier.

Though this great man had gone, his works continue & I trust that many souls will continue to benefit from them.  RIP Glenn.


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