13 Photos Children Should Know

Photographs tell stories & make history visible.  They shape our understanding of what has happened.  These 13 famous photos in this book introduce 13 events that changed the world.  The father spotted this book in the library & decided that the boy should know more about the history of this world.

As we flipped through the pages, we found those familiar photos which indeed, we think, our children should know.  Here's 5 for a glimpse:

Edwin A. walking on the moon

Every child should know this genius

Even the Beatles!

Tumbling of the Berlin wall

The 9-11 Attack
This book covers 13 photos of some of the most important people, places & events over the last century with brief write-ups to help children understand the background.  There is a glossary behind explain some words to enhance understanding.

I find this a good read for primary school children.  Preschoolers could try with parents reading to them & most importantly, explaining to them along the way.

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