[Media Invite] Dettol Bento Making Worshop

AJ is a picky eater.  He does not like vegetable (he says they taste yucks) & chunky red meat (he says they are difficult to chew).  Mealtime can be tortuous at times, when there are either of these 2, or worse, both.  But I have discovered a trick!  Thanks to Dettol!

We received a media invite from Dettol for a Bento Making Workshop 2 Saturdays ago.  Off we went, AJ & myself that Saturday morning.  He was actually quite excited about it because it sounded fun to 'play' with food, right?

The workshop was held at Nourish Studio in Boat Quay.  Every parent blogger has a station to work on his/her Bento.

This was our pretty Bento Making teacher, Shirley Wong.  She is a blogger herself too.  You may read about it here & follow her in facebook if you are keen in bento.

Before we started making our very 1st bento, we were taught how to wash our hands properly.  Yes, you hear me right.  You may wash your hands everyday, but you may not be washing them correctly to minimise germs & bacteria.  We were taught to follow these 8 steps to wash our hands properly.  Shirley even taught us to sing 'Happy Birthday ' song 8 times to ensure that we really cover all 8 steps in 20 seconds no less!  AJ even 'instructed' me to paste this poster in his bathroom so that he could refer to when washing his hands!  Such is the power of media, no doubt!

After washing our hands, we tucked our fingers into those food, not to eat, but to make them pretty.

AJ was taught how to oxidise the banana skin to draw pictures or write words with toothpick.

Here's our 1st creation! AJ started eating fruits & vegetables that he would not normally eat because he now cuts them into shapes he likes  :D

Here's Shirley's beautiful creation.

After the 'cooking' storm, we use Dettol Mutli Action Cleaner to wipe off germs & bacteria from the kitchen counter.

Not forgetting a group photo!
Thanks Dettol for organising such a fun bento making workshop!


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