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Jan - The Music Conductor, Adrian Tan

He is a typical example of 'from rags to riches'. His father was poor, the family was so poor that his grandmother almost wanted the whole family to perish in order to escape from poverty.  Fortunately, his father had the will to live on.  His loud screams attracted passers-by who stopped to intervene, saving him & his siblings from drowning.

His father came to Singapore at the age of 23 with the determination to break out of this vicious cycle of poverty.  He landed himself as a shop assistant in this foreign land, & eventually, he started a newspaper business.

Still, life was tough.  The entire family of 7 squeezed into a 1-room apartment.  Ismail Gafoor, at age 7, has to help out in the 'family business' by delivering newspaper.

Ismail's schooling life was punishing.  He had to crawl out of bed at 4am everyday except Boxing Day to deliver papers in the wee hours.  Then he had to rush home for a quick breakfast before heading to school.  Coming back from school meant helping his father out at his sundry shop till 10pm. 

With Ismail Gafoor

Not wanting to be constantly strapped for cash to make ends meet, Ismail was determined (in his heart) to make a change to his life.

The turning point was when he met his wife who opened up his source of exposure.  She was the catalyst who sparkled off the change in his environment. 

In 1996, both him & his wife opened their 1st property company.  He owned his first property at the young age of 22 & made his 1st million at 28.

Ismail is a fervent advocate of training & life-long learning, so he institutionalised a complete series of learning programmes that include developmental seminars, workshops, consultancy services & legal support for all his property consultants so that they can stay ahead of the competition & deliver the maximum value to their customers.  I have attended a 3-day workshop conducted by his company Propnex & will usually not give it a miss on the seminars/talks given by Ismail.  There are so many things to learn from this man, who is honest & sincere in his sharing.
He has won many awards, which I will not mention here.  You may visit Propnex's corporate website to read on more if you are interested.
He has authored 3 books, of which all I have diligently read.  If you are new to real estate investment, The Ultimate Guide To Real Estate Investment in Singapore is the book to pick up.  It is 1 of the most comprehensive guide you can find to learn more about this area.
You Can Fly is a motivational book he wrote to inspire individuals to persue their dream & do their best. (scroll down for giveaway)
The Timeless Gift is an excellent book to be read together with your schooling children to help them set their priorities right.  I have a book review here

Ismail also has a big heart for charity.  He is 1 of those who have made it (successful career) & is more than willing to give back to the society.  He championed many events & also encouraged his property consultants to do so.  You can read more about this in their corporate website here.

Just recently, Ismail went undercover to help an underprivileged family & it was featured in Undercover Happiness Series 2 Episode 6.   It is a docu-reality series, where an accomplished Singaporean coming out of his/her comfort zone, to spend time with a total stranger from an underprivileged background.

He is truly a man with great heart. I count it a great blessing to have crossed path with him. 

For my readers only!  1 copy of You Can Fly worth S$24, autographed by Ismail Gafoor to be given away.  Simply drop a comment on my blog to participate. Closing date is 17 February 2014.


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