Lynn's Money Adventures

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My last job was from the financial industry, so I guess it should not be a surprise to you that I place high emphasis on imparting financial literacy to AJ as young as possible.

I participated in Mother Kao's book review & won this book mid last year. I didn't read it until recently.

Kelvin Ho, the local author of this book & an educator for over 10 years, sees the importance of teaching children money management.  He sees this as a life skill that is essential, & thus the birth of this book.

The main character of this book is Lynn, the eldest daughter in the family.  Being a secondary school kid, she is subject to peer's pressure on spending.  In the story, she yearned for an ipod.  Did she get it eventually?  How did she do that if she got one eventually?  What were the struggles she faced since she was not born with silver spoon?  Kelvin used this storyline to explore the issue of money management.

In this book, you will discover the answers to questions like:
1) What's the difference between needs & wants?
2) Are you suffering from a "common money disease'?
3) What's your money attitude?
4) How to allocate your allowance wisely?
5) How to grow your own money machines?

I find this book too heavy for primary school students to read.  But if your child is in secondary school, he/she should be able to understand the flow of the story & mostly importantly, the message that the author desires to drive across.

There are some activities for the child to do at the end of each chapter to reinforce learning.  

Parents can also visit KidsMoneyAdventures website to download a sample chapter to read first before deciding to buy this book or not. The website also provides resources for parents to read & use.  Basically, this is a book for both parents & children to read together.

After reading this book review & the sample chapter, if you are keen in getting hold of one, you may order the book directly from Kelvin or purchase it from Popular bookstores at S$15.


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