The Ultimate Property Workshop

When I started working in the financial industry, I used to attend many previews of seminar to listen for myself what was worth attending.  I knew I had to attend some workshops to better equip myself.  Self-investment in acquiring relevant knowledge is very important.  The more a person know, the wiser he/she becomes. Knowledge is Power. Technically & literally in any areas, this logic applies.

But all these workshops ain't cheap.  Those stock trading, forex trading, property investment workshops, etc are easily S$3,000 up.  *Gulp*

Thus, it prompted me more to attend more of those previews, to listen to the coaches of the workshops, what they had to say, how did they present themselves, etc.  I paid attention to whether the coaches merely gave sales speeches or were sincere in their sharing.  I was a sales person, I knew how to pick up those cues.

In the end, I did pay to educate myself in 3 different workshops, in 2007, 2008 & in 2012.  I was glad that I did my research well, the coaches in these 3 workshops are still holding their heads high up in this market, walking in true integrity.  They are also sincere in helping their students.  Even after the workshops, I would still approach them for advices at no cost.

Sharing with you today a similiar workshop I have attended in 2012.  The one I took was 2.5 days & cost a lot more. This one is a condensed version, & is customised to suit people planning to buy their 1st property, HDB owners & upgraders.  It covers strictly on local residential property only.  Both Ismail Gafoor (CEO of Propnex) & Nizam Gafoor (Ismail's brother) will be conducting this workshop.  There will be a preview on 21/2 on this workshop.  Please attend the preview to have a good idea of what will be shared in the workshop.  Please click link here to register for the preview.

Buying a property is a great investment because it is a big ticket item.  Buying the wrong one can ruin our financial status.  It is thus important to educate ourselves well.  This 2-day workshop is less than S$800 for 2 paxs.  It is a steal for those who are really serious to learn residential property investment. 

Before you could reap from your investment, invest in yourself 1st.


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