[Giveaway] No Queue. Why Queue? NoQ Bookstore Is Here!

We have recently exposed AJ to Science in a more systematic way, I mean, in accordance to MOE's syllabus for Primary 3 & 4.  We are, sort of, preparing for the 4th subject that is to come next year.

When we introduced this book to him, he became obsessed with the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Obsessed, yes he is.  He can now memorise ALL the elements, their codes & their atomic numbers.  He sings this silly Periodic Table of Elements song by Tom Lehrer more than 10 times a day.

On 1 hand I am irritated by his obsession, on the other hand I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity & ride on his interest in Chemistry to feed him more facts.

So I started googling for good, basic Chemistry books for him & chanced upon this.

As I googled more, I realised there are so many books that are useful for him.  Thank God that NoQ Store came to the rescue!  NoQ Store is the e-commerce arm of Times Publishing, so no doubt, their book collections is HUGE.  Yes, they have more than 14 million titles, spanning across genres like Children's, Educational, Parenting, Fiction, Cookbooks, & many, many more. What's better is there are quite a no. of reviews on each book giving me enough information to assess if the book is worth buying.  If you are getting books as gift, they can even provide gift wrapping service at a token fee, plus all local delivery is free (for purchase of $25 up)! How nice!

The good guys at NoQ store were kind enough to grant my blog readers 15% off on all purchases.  Just type in


upon checkout under the voucher code.  The voucher code will expire on 31 August 2014.  So start shopping now & have a book feast this June holiday!


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