The Little Things - More Than A Cooking Class

Children love to play in the kitchen generally, because, kitchen is truly a place where one can create a lot of mess in.  So whenever you invite your little ones to cook or bake, most of the time they are most glad to.  Somehow the mixing, the stirring, the pouring, the cutting & the breaking (breaking of eggs I mean) are fun in their eyes, they intrigue them.

AJ & friends had the opportunity to attend a trial cooking class in The Little Things at Thomson in April.  The boy was excited about it because he can mess up the kitchen, once again!

The Little Things was founded by 2 young ladies (Valeria & Emily), of whom, 1 of them (Emily) was an ex-preschool teacher.  Valeria was not around that day, I only interacted with Emily.  As we were early, she brought us around.  I was pretty impressed with the set up of the kitchen & the well-stocked pantry.

Well-stocked, well-organised pantry & kitchen

As that day was the last day of the term, the children selected 3 items they wanted to cook/bake from the previous lessons as 'revision'.

What's cooking today?

Lovely wall clock

The rules & the coverage for each term

Not every lesson deals with cooking though.  In a typical term of 10 weeks, there will be educational modules like culinary skills, experimenting on food, craft, group projects & an excursion.

To start off, the children were divided into 2 groups as there were 3 items to cook/bake within 1.5 hours that day.  The girls were tasked to prepare Minestrone soup.  They learnt to peel the garlic cloves, dice the garlic & carrots, then cooked them over the hot stove.  

The girls were preparing & cooking Minestrone soup

While the soup was boiling, the girls went on preparing Croutons to go with their soup!

Preparing croutons to go with the soup!

AJ joined the younger ones making cupcakes.  He had fun mixing the flour with eggs!

The boy & the younger ones were making cupcakes

Cupcakes in the baking

When the cupcakes were done & cooled, the 2nd group started decorating their cupcakes.

Decorating cupcakes

Then the 2 groups gathered together to bake their 3rd item - the chocolate cookies! 

Baking chocolate cookies!

Once all cooked & baked, the children gathered at the dinning table to enjoy the fruits of their labour!  Parents who were there were invited to join in the feast too!  I must say, all tasted yummy!

Enjoying fruits of their labour

Children's Minestrone soup with croutons.  Tasted good!

After the feast, this boy who attended the regular class automatically went to the table to jot down the recipes of all those he has cooked/baked that day.  Though he couldn't write yet, he drew all of them.  How cute!  I can see that such good habit was cultivated when he had his classes at The Little Things.  Bravo to the teachers, they had done a good job & I must also say, they were extremely patient too!

Jotting down the recipes of today's cooking

If you are thinking of sending your little ones to some interesting baking classes, why not join The Mothers' Day programme organised by The Little Things.  Lessons will be held on 11 & 13 May at $50 per child.  What better way to say "I love you, mum" than to bake something for you?

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