Navy @ Vivo

Have you tried balloting for the tickets to board 1 of Singapore Navy's biggest ship RSS Persistence?  It is now docked at Vivocity until 1 June 2014. 

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How about the Fast Craft Utility (FCU) ride?

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Freak not if you have not balloted for it or have missed your chance to!  Here's a final chance for you.
Visit Singapore Navy info booth at VivoCity Lobby F to ballot for tickets at these times:

9-10:30am: ballot for 12-2pm slots. Successful winners will be notified via SMS at 11am
12-1:30pm: ballot for 3-5pm slots. Successful winners will be notified via SMS at 2pm
3-4:30pm: ballot for 6-8pm slots. Successful winners will be notified via SMS at 5pm

We went this morning & had lots of fun, especially riding on the FCU.  You should come if you have any opportunity, it is an experience not to be missed.  I'm sure your little one(s) will enjoy the ride to bits!

The ride was about 30mins.  Sunblock, sunglasses & sunshield (hats/caps) are absolutely essential!  Here are some photos taken on our FCU ride as well as 2 videos taken while on it.  

The boy was waiting patiently to ride on FCU (with life jacket on)

Sitting on FCU.
It has limited seats, so most adults would have to stand.
It is more fun standing anyway!

As the FCU cruised, we sailed through many places along the coast of the main island as well as Sentosa.

Bye RSS Persistence!



Rasa Sentosa Resort

& here some photos taken on board RSS Persistence:

All ambassadors on board were friendly & helpful, & most were good looking too! (bonus!)

We had an enjoyable time this morning.  Thank you Singapore Navy for organising this & thank you for your effort in protecting our country!


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