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We are hoping that we could move out of our house in the east to somewhere in the central north or north west this year.  The hubs works in the far north and travelling time to and fro is long.  He doesn't mind the travelling time per se, but he laments that he has little time in the weekday evening with AJ because of that. 

We have another apartment in the central north receiving its temporary occupancy permit (T.O.P) soon but I'm not sure if we are going to move in or rent it out because it is a smaller unit. 

Anyway, when it comes to household stuff, it is good for me to learn more about the new technologies available in the market that can help me to do more in lesser time while saving me more money in the long run.  And should we decide to move to that smaller unit, I need to know what are the white goods available in the market that can achieve more, take up less space, quiet and yet, save me money (in terms of energy efficiency).  I was more than happy to receive an invitation from Bosch's for such a learning experience. 

At the launch event, I was first treated to the Juice counter where I drowned myself to the wholesome fruit juices made by the staff with the Vita-Juice 4 Juicer (RRP $349).  Though it has a powerful 1000 watt motor, the juicer operates quietly.  It's great to know that you can have a glass of fresh juice in the early morning without having to wake the whole family up!  With its 1.5 litre juice jug, it is sufficient to feed a family of 6 or more at one go!

Seen here is the Vita-Juice 4 Juicer

I have a blender at home, but not a handheld one.  I was excited to have my hands on this Red Dot Product Design 2014 award winner - Bosch MaxoMIxx Hand Blender (RRP $219) to experience how easy it is to use.  The ergonomic non-slip soft touch handle fit into my skinny hand really well.  It can blend, dice ingredients like herbs, nuts, onions, meat and cheese, and it can even crush ice cubes!  I can imagine how convenient it is for a small family of 3 or 4 to have such a darling at home!

I managed to catch a glimpse of how Chef John See stiff egg whites with Bosch's cream of the crop - MaxxiMUM Sensor Control (RRP $1699).  Because it is sensor control, it will stop beating as soon as the desired result is achieved.  How cool was that? 

The highlight of the event has to be this In'genius ProSilence Bagged Vacuum Cleaner (RRP $649).  This babe allows you to vacuum while listening to music, enjoy an uninterrupted conversation and not wake up a sleeping child.  It has a radius of action of 15 metres so you can reach the most remote corners without having to switch sockets.  Its 5-litre capacity means you don't have to replace it often.  The integrated HEPA filter does not need to be replaced (say what?!), you only need to wash the filter and reuse.  The cost for replacement filters are totally eliminated!  No wonder it is a Genius!

A runway with a twit with models parading not fashion but Bosch vacuum cleaners

Before I left, I took a photo with this rather tame tiger, hoping that I could impress my boy on my bravery.

"Mummy, don't try to trick me lah.  This tiger is not real.  See! The image of the tiger is so sharp but the rest of the objects are so blur."

Okay, it looks like he isn't impressed.  But I am impressed ... ... with Bosch. :)


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