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I am someone who love the convenience of Internet business.  I prefer to buy e-books than physical books to minimise cluttering, I prefer to do Internet banking whenever possible than to go to the bank physically, I prefer to do online shopping than to shop in brick and mortar and I prefer to order food online than to go to the restaurant/cafe to buy.  It is not because I'm lazy, it is because I value my time.  I would rather trade money for time if the monetary value is within my budget.  With the additional time on hand, I can do a lot more things like reading research reports, reading a good book, exercise or spending time with AJ, which, in most time is invaluable.

On New Year day itself, I invited a few close friends from church to my house for a casual lunch.  I opt for dinning in instead of eating out so that everyone could stay on a little longer to chit chat.

#save1hourSG to do homelearning stuff

Thanks to Food Panda, I need not cook up a storm.  I simply browsed through their website to gather an idea what to order the night before and then placed my order on New Year's day morning (advanced order).  All I have to do is to prepare some sides dishes at home.  Easy peasy.  The time saved was used to supervise AJ's online's homelearning stuff.  I was glad that there was no stress over the preparation of meal and that I could supervise his work at peace.

I love the fact that I could do advance order.  It certainly makes planning for party/gathering easier.

The food arrived slightly earlier than expected which was great!

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I have also downloaded Food Panda application on my phone.  Here are some interesting findings:

Once I typed in my postal code, a list of restaurant serving my areas will be displayed.
And it.is.a.long.list.  It means lots of choices!

Occasionally, the app will alert me of offers!

I really love this service and I am looking forward to the next gathering at my place.  Hosting at home has become so easy and convenient for me, I'm sure I will make a better host next time!

* This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.


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