Gardens By The Bay East and South Cycle Track

As much as I dread school reopening, I have to admit that with AJ in school, I do have more me-time.  Since I resolved to be fitter this year, I wasted no time to exercise in the pockets of time that I have on hand.

On the first day of school, after dropping AJ off, I paddled from his school all the way to Gardens by the Bay South.  It was more than 15km both ways, with many awesome postcard-perfect view along the way.  As the day was still chilling, the breeze blowing from the sea made the cycling trip both enjoyable yet tiring as I had to cycle against the wind!

The track highlighted in black here is about 4.5km.
If you have a foldable bike, the Stadium MRT station is one possible starting point.

I saw a spaceship landed here, with some aliens crawling out.
I paddled harder, before I got caught spying.
Nice imagination.  But, don't you think the Sports Hub does look like a spaceship?

This is the iconic view from Gardens by the Bay East or Marina East

The 2 domes of Gardens by the Bay South.
Do you know which is the Flower Dome and which is the Cloud Forest?

I paddled even faster to catch the view here at the bridge connecting Marina East to Marina Barrage.  On one side, this was the view.

And here, on the other side, caught the sunrise.

And finally, I reached Gardens by the Bay South!  First stop, kopi at Satay by the Bay, anyone?

I am considering to get AJ to cycle with me via the same route.  But I'm concerned if he has the stamina to do a 2-way route because we do not have foldable bikes thus we can't fold our bikes and take a train to cut short the cycling route.  Do you have any suggestions?

If you live in the east or south, or don't mind travelling down to this area, this is one good stretch of cycling route for you and your family.  The route along Gardens by the Bay East or Marina East is a very straight and wide path with fantastic view along the way.  You may even consider a picnic or fly a kite at Marina Barrage when you get there.  Otherwise, your little ones could enjoy some water play at Gardens by the Bay Far East Organisation Children's Playground.  I'm sure it will be a half-a-day family outing full of outdoor fun!


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