A Night of Magic at Raffles with Joe Labero

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Most people love magic shows, AJ and I are no exception, which explains why he had a magic workshop birthday party last year.

Early this year, when Joe Labero came to Singapore for A Night of Magic at Raffles, I had secretly hope that I could bring AJ to watch this spectacular, mind-blowing performance. Following the success of Incanto in 2013 and A Night of Magic at Raffles in 2014, renowned magic master Joe Labero returned in 2015 with a brand new fiery show assisted by the hottest guest performers and fire artistes – Burnt Out Punks. At as young as 12, Joe Labero started practising magic, and the passion grew and he decided to make it his profession.  When someone discovered his/her passion young, and given substantial time to develop his/her passion, you know he/she is likely to be very good at it.

Due to the overwhelming success of A Night of Magic at Raffles earlier this year, the fiery extravaganza has been extended from 26 March – 3 May 2015 to satiate your curiosity and welcome you into the world of magic.  And with much thanks to PR Communications, we got an invite to watch this. 

This four-time Merlin Award winner has conjured hypnotizing illusions, as awe-inspiring as they are mind-blowing and spectacular, to dazzle the audience at the beautiful Jubilee Hall theatre at Raffles Hotel in Singapore.  I couldn't believe my eyes when he performed stunts right in the midst of the audience (yea, not on the stage). We were all dazzled by Joe Labero’s mesmerising magic acts.  I like Joe Labero's charisma and that he was able to engage the crowd and even teased a couple of people in the audience whom he picked to assist in his show.

With illusions so stunning and spectacular, you are guaranteed to have a whale of a time.  A Night of Magic at Raffles is certainly one mind-blowing performance not to be missed. The show has been extended from 26 March – 3 May 2015 at the grand Jubilee Hall theatre in Raffles Hotel. Do note that children under 5 are not permitted for the show.

April 2015
7.30pm show on 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 28, 29
3.00pm show on 4, 11, 12, 18, 19

May 2015
7.30pm show on 1, 2
3.00pm show on 2, 3

For ticketing details, please refer to Sistic.


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