Stamford American International School Launches State-of-the-Art Innovation Center

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I believe in exposing young people to the financial and investment markets at the earliest possible moment when they are ready.  Thus, since AJ was about 7, I started talking to him about running of a company, how a business generates its profit, how it raises funds, how it markets its products, etc.  I have also exposed him to books which explain the importance of investing and having recurring passive income (read here and here).

The East is slower at catching up in this aspect, compared to the West.  Investment in stocks and other financial instruments are only taught at university level in Singapore.  I hope this will change soon.

So when I received an invite to check out the Stamford American Innovation Curriculum at the Stamford American International School, I was very excited.  To think that these high school students (Grades 8 and up) will be exposed to the financial markets, such as how the stock exchanges work, and how people buy and sell different stocks or shares, got my adrenaline going.

Through a collaboration deal with Bloomberg, Stamford American International School’s State-of-the-Art Innovation Centre will include a financial laboratory. It is a first for high school schools in Asia.  Using a project-based learning approach, students in the finance elective will be introduced to the mechanisms of investing and trading.  Bloomberg Professional service, the leading information platform used by over 320,000 financial professionals worldwide, will be available for students in Stamford American International School (what a privileged bunch!).  Students can now access breaking news stories, perform market analysis, compare investment strategies and analyse specific companies with this platform.  I am so jealous!

During the official launch, we were given a tour of the Innovation Centre and witnessed a live stimulation demo session of the high-school curriculum. 

Mr Peter Grauer, Chairman of Bloomberg, helping Stamford American students during a live Bloomberg simulation

With this newly launched Innovation Centre as the latest milestone in its legacy of progressive education, Stamford American International School aims to provide students with real-world exposure to the business and financial world – equipping students with analytical skills and business acumen from an early age.  I'm pretty sure these young people will get a great head start in the financial sector when they graduate.


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