How Clean Is Your Car?


Question: “How Clean Is Your Car?”

“I wash it every week.”
“My maid washes it every weekend.”
“I send it for car wash every Friday.”
“I don’t just wash the exterior, I personally vacuum the interior as well.”

They say, “Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.”  I can’t agree more.  Outer beauty is good to have, but inner beauty is the one that outshines, giving others a more lasting impression.

The same goes for a car.  Most proud car owners not only wash their cars regularly, they polish their cars to give them the utmost shine too. They take so much care of the outer body of their cars, but what about the inner body? Oh, they vacuum.  But is it enough?

Car fumigation and ozone sanitization was introduced to me by EuroAuto Lounge.  My first thought would probably be the same as yours. Do we need to fumigate the car? I have heard of fumigation of rubbish chutes, residential/industrial estates and homes to kill those unwanted pests, but cars?

Nonetheless, it appeals to me to want to learn more, so I took up this service offered to me.

As in any standard procedure when you send your car for service and/or polishing, before any work can be done by the company, the car needs to be inspected and any visible dents, knocks and peeled paint will be recorded to avoid unnecessary disputes later.

Then this encik working in EuroAuto Lounge shampooed and washed the exterior of the car. After that, fumigation starts. *Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides to suffocate or poison the pests within. Fumigant is released into the space to be fumigated; then, the space is held for a set period while the fumigant gas percolates through the space and acts on and kills any infestation in the product. The space is ventilated so that the poisonous gases are allowed to escape from the space, and render it safe for humans to enter. The fumigated area is now safe and pest free.
*extracted from wikipedia

Oh wait! Why is fumigation necessary? Can’t we just vacuum our car more regularly? Or so I thought, until I was educated by EuroAuto.

You see, there are always possibilities of pest infestation in the car especially when you ferry young children in it. They eat in the car, the crumbs of biscuits/crackers may drop everywhere. You think you have cleaned them up, in actual fact, some can be so small that they are hardly visible. The children drink milk or other kind of beverages, they spill them, the odour lingers and attracts the pests. You buy groceries, you put them in your boot, and that is another potential breeding ground. 

Fumigation is thus effective and a better option than any other methods of pest control because in the fumigation process the fumigant circulates and spreads to all areas of infestation.

After the encik fumigated the car, I saw 2-3 cockroaches crawling out (escaping).  He tried to take proper photos of them, but they were too fast for him, so pardon the blur images.

About half an hour later, he opened the car doors to ventilate the car and checked for any carcasses.

But that’s not the end of the service yet. The car was given full sanitization with ProMed ozonic generator which is certified by SGH to kill 99.99% bacteria. It is also an ISO-certified device. ProMed ozonic treatment serves to sterilize the cabin and to flush the air-conditioning system. *An air sanitizer acts on airborne microbiological organisms. It is intended to disinfect, reduce or mitigate growth or development of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi or viruses.
*extracted from wikipedia

SGH's Certification (Photo source: EuroAuto Facebook)

As if that wasn’t enough, the range of products that EuroAuto uses (Koch-Chemie) is used by renowned brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Oh, I am so blessed!

EuroAuto was kind enough to extend a car polishing service using Koch-Chemie 1k-Nano Paint Sealant to us.  Doubly blessed.

After 7 hours (fumigation + polishing), the car is now sparkling on the outside, spotless on the inside.

While the men will definitely rave about the polishing, as a mother, I place a higher emphasis on the cleanliness of the interior. In my opinion, these are the groups of people who probably need regular fumigation:

1. You have children
The younger they are, the higher the chance of them dropping crumbs, bits of food and spilling beverages. They may vomit in the car too.

2. You have pets
When your cats or dogs sit in your car, they shed their fur.  At times they may be sick and you need to ferry them to the vet, they may vomit in your car.

3. You ferry groceries
If you use your car to ferry groceries, chances are that odours will linger.  Sometimes, there are undesirable leakages. Or, did you buy any durians back for a feast recently?

4. Your profession requires you to transport goods
I am not referring to huge items. But if your job requires you to occasionally transport carton boxes, perishables, etc, there could be a chance that pests find their way to your car.

Even if you do not belong to any of the above groups, if you ever buy a second hand car, do send the car for fumigation. As it is said “Prevention is better than cure”.

Photo source: AutoEuro Facebook

Would you like to have a free trial Car Interior Fumigation (worth $228)? EuroAuto Lounge is very generous to give this away to 1 fortunate reader. Please follow the steps stated in the Rafflecopter to qualify for the draw.  1 lucky reader will be picked on 16 July (Thurs).


  1. Thanks for this step by step explanation. All the screenshots are very useful. Using that screen shots i can understand this process very easily. Thanks for this blog. More informative and useful
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  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeew bugs =( Any tips on vacuum cleaners to keep it clean for good? And for car...anti-bug stuff? Omg now i think mine has bugs cause my children love to eat in the car. Bleeeeehhhh


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