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2 weeks ago we received Singapore’s favourite childhood rainbow ice cream brand, Paddle Pop, from Wall's. Yes, it is re-launched, and now with new addition. I remember my childhood treat of Paddle Pop Rainbow, a toffee and caramel flavoured popsicle, I devoured that milky texture, yums!  Best of all, with this re-launch, it is now recognised by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) as a healthier snack. It has only 80kcal! If you or your children need any occasional sweet treats, this is far better than a bar of chocolate!

AJ was enjoying his treats: Paddle Pop Rainbow (L) & Paddle Pop Dragon Pop (R)

The newest Paddle Pop variant is Dragon Pop, which is a popping candy coated popsicle with three fruity flavours all in one.  It is only 75 kcal.

Paddle Pop also commissioned Nielsen Singapore to conduct a study to better understand the snacking habits of kids aged 8-12 and parents' perception of their kids' snacking habits. Here's a summary of the studies:

"We believe that within a healthy and balanced diet, there is a place for occasional treats and snacks.
Our Paddle Pop ice creams range is responsibly formulated, so that children can enjoy fun treats occasionally," said Susanne Arfelt, Country Director, Unilever Singapore.

Indeed, Paddle Pop has reformulated its product range since 2014 by setting nutritional limits to its ice creams whilst combining fun tastes, textures and shapes.  Here's the Fun Food Meter, a fun and visually representative snacking chart for easy comparison and illustration:

In conjunction with the release of survey results and to educate and engage the public on nutritionally responsible snacking, Paddle Pop has created a family-run play area at VivoCity Plaza 1, featuring a 130 square metre, life-sized 3D snake and ladder board. 

The play area theme is based on Paddle Pop's latest cartoon series, Maglika, a magical fantasy land where Paddle Pop Lion and friends fight to defeat the evil Shadow Master. Maglika cartoon series is currently screening on Cartoon Network Asia, every weekend at 9am.

The Paddle Pop play area will be open for public display from 24 July to 2 August 2015, every weekend. Do come down and have some fun activities while enjoying Paddle Pop ice cream!

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