DBS Marina Sailing Programme

I put on my Facebook Fan Page about this event on 11 October and urged my readers to register for this event quickly if you are keen. The DBS Marina Sailing Programme is very popular and slots are always snapped up within minutes. This is the third run, and for some reasons I cannot recall, we missed it in 2013 and 2014. Fortunately, we were able to sail this year, despite the lingering haze.

This is SM40

I booked for SM40 (Swedish Match 40) mega sailboat which has an impressive height of 4 storeys but we ended up sailing on SB20, a 4-men crew boat, which is commonly used for racing instead because there were only two of us. As it was our first time, we didn't mind which type of sailboat.

This is SB20

I can sense that AJ was pretty excited. Sure, who's not? I was too! He simply couldn't wait to set sail!

Hurry up, Mum! Stop taking photos!

This uncle who was with us was very nice and patient. He took pain to explain to us the various terms of the parts of the sailboat. He also taught AJ how to navigate SB20. Count yourself blessed if you got him as your guide!

The good news is: DBS Marina Sailing Programme is still open for booking. As there are limited slots per session, reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets will only be made available to the public via this online booking page.  So if you are really keen, do act fast!


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