Studio Photography Session with Firefly

The last time we had a family photography session was in August 2013, taken by Natsuki Photography. So glad that we were given free Firefly studio photography session by Rise and Shine, so sometime in June this year we went for it.

The main difference between outdoor and indoor photography sessions is the speed. In outdoor shooting, variables like weather, crowd, etc could delay or prolong the photography session, whereas in indoor shooting, most of the time shooting will go smoothly as it is a controlled environment. Lucky for us, the entire photography session took us less than 20 minutes, we spent another 10 minutes on administrative work and we were out of the studio.

The photos were sent digitally to me in 8 weeks, which is kind of long in my opinion. The saving grace is that they turned out quite nice, with very minimal or no editing.  Here are some of them:

Do you like these photos?


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