Unleash Your Child's Creativity in Playeum

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Children learn most through play, we all know that. The more they get their hands on, the more they discover internally. 

AJ was fortunate to get invited to play in the newly opened, award-winning Children's Centre for Creativity - Playeum. Without this invite, we may not have known such a gem in Gillman Barracks.

Playeum is dedicated to unique experiences, programmes and workshops for children of all social background aged 1 to 12. Its key mission is to ignite children to  explore, create and learn through play. I brought my educator friend along, and she has nothing except praises for this place. Indeed, the environment in Playeum is, without question, thoughtfully designed to promote enjoyable and absorbing open-ended, interactive experiences.

The Art of Speed (now till 3 April 2016)

Create for Speed
Inspired by the F1 Grand Prix season, 'The Art of Speed' is the Centre's first debut. Children get to experience and experiment with speed, having a visual sensation of seeing their creations rolling down and hearing the sound of the vehicles speeding.

AJ and his friend had endless fun in this segment. They built their speed car and altered their creations to figure out how their cars could cruise smoothly through The Community Ramp. I could imagine how hard these little minds were working and I truly love that!

 Building your own car to go on The Community Ramp

The ultimate car that survive the slide, after many alterations

AJ also did some experiments at The Carpet Ramps where the children could bend, twist, and manipulate the track to give their vehicles a different journey. But overall, I noticed the older children love The Community Ramp more, whereas the younger ones preferred The Carpet Ramp.

Vroom is a designated cushioned area for your crawlers and toddlers. Over here, they can explore ramps and cars, and experiment with movement with clothes and ribbons.

The Dark Space
This dark room allows children to have creative interaction with different audio and visual media. It involves a lot of cause-and-effect exploration, not to mention the art of Science on the effect of Light!

The Play Maker Space
This space houses physical tools for building objects related to the current theme - The Art of Speed. It encourages experimention and out-of-the-box thinking. 

As the school holidays are approaching, you might want to plan a visit to Playeum wit your children. For the younger ones who have no exams now, do check on this link to find out what programmes Playeum may have in place for your children!

Details of Playeum
Address: Block 47, Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, #01-21 S(109444)
Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm
Ticket Prices: $20 per child. Free entry for 1 accompanying adult and $10 per additional adult.
Website: www.playeum.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/playeum


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