Be Awed By Bosch MaxxiMUM Sensor Control Kitchen Machine

[Media Invite]

Bosch tempted me once again with their latest powerhouse MaxxiMUM Sensor Control Kitchen Machine when I was invited to Chef Yamashita baking session at Gain City Sungei Kadut Flagship store.

I have become a Bosch convert after having attended 2 media invites previously (see here and here). I am just awed by their technology, the brains behind these kitchen equipments certainly understand human’s limitation so these equipments were invented to simplify our lives.

I first seen Bosch MaxxiMUM Sensor Control kitchen machine in Bosch Invent for Life event where I caught a glimpse on how Chef John See stiff egg whites using it. It was so impressive that it didn’t get off my mind even until today.

I was further impressed with Bosch MaxxiMUM Sensor Control kitchen machine when Chef Yamashita whipped up the Black Sesame Soy Bean Chiffon Cake and the Zunda Roll Cake.

The new Sensor Control function automatically recognises when the optimum stiffness  of  cream  and  whipped  egg  whites has  been  reached, and will stop  beating  as soon as the desired result is achieved. This prevents stiff cream from turning into butter, and it gives you perfectly-whipped cream and egg whites.

And with the right accessory, you could easily transform this machine into a blender, mincer, processor, juicer, noodle maker, shedder, etc. Your kitchen counter is less clutter yet more work can be done. How wonderful!

This ultimate MaxxiMUM Sensor Control Kitchen Machine is operating on a 1,600W motor – the most powerful motor on the market and is retailing at S$1,699 in all leading departmental stores.

It is really hard not to fall in love with Bosch when the brains behind its technology are so intelligent. Ok, husband, listen, ‘All I want for Christmas is … …” 

Here are the recipes for Black Sesame Soy Bean Chiffon Cake and Zunda Roll Cake. Please drop me a comment with your email address if you want the recipes in soft copies. Happy baking!


  1. I volunteer to be your guinea pig if you are going to be baking more :D


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