The Convenience of Super NutreMill 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 Cereal


I can't believe that December holiday is coming to an end soon. Just four more sleep to 2016, and seven more sleep to school re-opening. Cry. Reality sets in. Busyness comes.

About a month back I fell sick. My back started aching. My head was heavy and I felt the chills at the slightest drop in temperature. My bed was calling me. 

That moment, I knew flu virus had conquered me. I needed to rest. So I quickly prepared the dishes and scooped the rice for the boy to eat. After washing up the utensils, I crawled into my bed to rest. Life of a mother. When the child is sick, he has you to take care of him. When you are sick, you take care of yourself, while still taking care of him. No, the husband was not back from work yet.

I had no energy left for anything else. I just wanted to sleep. My dinner was not in my mind, besides, I had no appetite. 

I woke up from a good rest of about 2 hours feeling hungry. I was still weak, but the fever had gone. I had no energy to prepare myself a proper meal. I didn't want anything heavy too. Then I remembered I was given Super NutreMill 4-in-1 Cereal to try. Thank God for this convenience! I only need to boil some water to make myself an instant cup of warm cereal to fill my stomach. I retreated to my room to rest again, filling satisfied.

Super NutreMill 4-in-1 Cereal with Brown Rice 

 Super NutreMill 3-in-1 Cereal 

Super NutreMill 4-in-1 Cereal with Oat 

Let's face it. There will be times like this when we have to resort to convenience food. Whether it be the situation like what I had faced (too sick to prepare a proper meal), at work with tight deadline or a mad morning rush. And when we have to do that, the least we could do is to have better quality convenience food. Super NutreMill Cereal is one good option. It has 3 flavours to choose from, is fortified with Calcium, Vitamins A, B1 and ETrans Fat free and contains 25% less sugar than the regular cereal beverages.

On the morning the next day, I made Super NutreMill Cereal with cornflakes for the little boy because this mommy still hasn't fully recovered. But he was overjoyed because he only has the chance to have this for breakfast when we stay in the hotel.

As for me, I had a bowl of Super NutreMill Cereal with some Chia Seeds.

Super NutreMill Cereal is also suitable as a refreshment item for workshops, conferences or seminars. Besides the usual coffee, tea, and sometimes 3-in-1 Milo, we could add variety with Super NutreMill Cereal too!

Super NutreMill 3-in-1/4-in-1 Cereal is available from all major supermarkets at S$3.50 for a packet of 20 sachets.  In my opinion, it is always good to have some quality convenience food on standby.


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