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Have you wondered, if paper is made from wood, then it should be brown or yellow, not white. But the paper we usually use is white. That is because it is bleached with chlorine and its derivatives, such as chlorine dioxide. In fact, the pulp and paper industry is one of the worst polluting industries on Earth. This bleaching process leads to the creation of cancer-causing chemicals like dioxins and furans.

On top of that, common sense also tells us cutting down a mature tree to make a product that’s going to be thrown away is an environmental tragedy.

However, we are living in a world where we use tons of disposable paper products daily, it is thus important for us to be a little more forward thinking, to find a better and more environmental friendly way of using disposal paper products.

One way is to use bamboo paper products. Unlike trees which generally take 20 to 50 years to harvest, bamboo typically takes 5 years. Bamboo grows extremely fast, can self-regenerate when cut, so there is very little wastage. 

Introducing to you ~ Cloversoft

CloverSoft products are unbleached and free of ink, chemicals and artificial fragrances. Their only fragrance is a subtle, natural scent of bamboo.

Unlike other mainstream eco-friendly hygiene products in the market which could have been recycled with paper that contains BPA, Clover Soft’s luxurious tissues are made from 100% sustainable unbleached premium bamboo virgin pulp and has up to 90% natural anti-bacteria function. It is BPA- free.

And for your peace of mind, CloverSoft luxurious tissues and napkins are lab tested, meeting European Commission (EC)’s foodstuff contamination standards. They are also Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved. Wow!

CloverSoft tissues is soft, durable yet absorbent. We love it!

Keeping your family healthy needs a holistic approach, it is not just about the food we eat, it is also about the products we use daily, the environment we expose ourselves to and our emotional well-being.
But you can take baby steps to achieve better health. Start by limiting yourselves to toxic chemical. Try Cloversoft.

CloverSoft is available in all major supermarkets. You may click on this link to check.

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