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I don't have the best of complexion. I am glad that the kind people in Beyond Beauty know about my skin condition and was willing to help me remedy it.

You see, I go under the sun quite a lot and I am not so religious in applying sun block. Inevitably, I got darker and sun spots came crawling on my cheeks.

I was told that I would be given a B&B (a brand marketed by The Beaubelle Group) facial treatment (worth S$388 per session) for 60 minutes. And the session includes: cleansing, scrubbing, steaming, extracting, eyebrow trimming, face massaging, applying of B&B Serum with Ultra Sound machine and lastly, applying of B&B Mask. It sounded like a 'normal' facial to me, well, not until I saw the result myself at the end of the session!

The consultant analysed my face and reckoned that I needed the B&B O2-Lingzhi Skin Repair Program. Using the most advanced nanotechnology in the world, B&B Labs lingzhi extract is extremely potent and minute in molecular size to enable optimum absorption by the skin. This results in the realization of the energy and power of this amazing mushroom to regenerate cellular functions of the skin. 

It is able to penetrate right into the basal layer of the skin, livening up the cells, targeting especially at dull, sallow and mottled skin conditions. It is very effective to control irregular melanogenesis and dehydration by treating at the source of the problems. It gives significant radiance and amazing youthfulness to the skin. 

Lingzhi extract contains skin whitening tri-peptides & FGFR (fibroblast growth factor receptor) ingredients that cause melanin suppression and regeneration of collagen tissue formation for more supple skin, and the organic germanium component of Lingzhi Extract boosting the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity, scavenging free radicals, promotes cell regeneration to increase skin protective barrier and skin repair functions.

It sounded exactly what I needed!

After the beautician has cleansed, scrubbed and steamed my face for extraction, she went on to apply this B&B Skin Repair Serum on my face with an Ultra Sound machine. Then she applied the B&B Oxygen Reawakening Enzyme Mask.

The white bubbles would gradually disappear, meaning the best of the lot has been absorbed into my skin. And I witnessed a miracle!

Wow! My skin illuminated and my spots became lighter! The revitalizing ingredients like the potent lingzhi extract worked in brightening and reducing pigmentation on the skin effectively! I just can't believe my eyes!

While it is not possible to change the genes that we have inherited from our parents, I learnt that it is possible to switch off the genes that exacerbate ageing by living a positive lifestyle and using the right skin care. Yea, ageing is inevitable, but the rate of ageing can be managed with Science Series, which B&B Labs has developed to ensure effective gene expression to prevent cell mutations that hasten the ageing symptoms on the skin by way of the right active ingredients and formula.

I feel so much comfortable and confident to bear my face now. What a change!

Beyond Beauty aspires to make facial, massage and slimming services an alternative form of lifestyle that can be engaged in on a casual regular basis with their fuss-free, frills-free, affordable pricing for everyone. They are currently having a really attractive promotion for first-timer, why don't you give it a try?


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