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You may have heard that KidZania Singapore is opening on 12 April at Palawan Kidz City Sentosa. But do you know there is another children entertaiment in the same building? That's MOSH! It's Singapore's very first immersive digital media edutainment facility. MOSH! utilises the latest real-time, responsive Japanese multimedia technology to turn your child's imagination into reality (in some sense).

It's pretty easy to get to MOSH!. Take a Sentosa Express to Beach station, head towards the Coach Park or Bus Station, you will see clear direction leading you to Palawan Kidz City. Yes, just follow the signages in blue.

And here! We have reached!

'Welcome' in many different languages

The staff walked through the story of MOSH! with the kiddos before they embarked on their imaginative journey.

In this station, the children get to colour their own mascot, then put it on the scanner. The scanner scanned the sheet and imprinted it onto the screen. And there! They introduced a new member into the MOSH! family.

The children have free flow of colouring sheets, so they can keep on colouring-scanning-colouring-scanning. They wouldn't be bored, but the parents probably would.


Over here, the children could place any object on the interactive table and then the mascots would appear and interact with the object! The children didn't stay long in this station though.


In this station, the children could dance, jump or run on the dance floor because every step, every movement they made will generate firework visuals. Frankly, I felt a little deceived by the name 'Firework'. I had expected more 'explosive' and 'fanciful' fireworks but the artwork was pretty mild. The children didn't stay long in this station too.


For the first time ever, you could create your own custom paper planes, throw/fly them at a distance onto the interactive projection wall and see them transformed into aircraft flying pass. I thought that was pretty cool and I relived my childhood for a while as I played here.


This is the station which AJ spent the most time in. It was supposed to be a station where you showcase your artistic skills and design any marine creatures you want, scan them and they would be brought to life in the large ‘ocean’ at MOSH! But the mischievous boy drew and wrote all sorts of things and was fascinated to have all his artworks scanned in and reflected on the projection wall.

So what's my verdict? MOSH! positions itself as an Interactive Digital Multi-Media Theme Park so the admission is on the high side, in my opinion. The entrance fee for a child is $22 (free admission for children under 3 years-old), but hang on, that is not all. Accompanying adult needs to pay too! It is $28. You can imagine the hefty cost involved for a family of 4. That is $100! 

The facilities in MOSH! are also more suitable for pre-schoolers than children going into formal education, judging by the time AJ spent in each station. So besides the entrance fee, this is something you have to assess too.

I do hope that MOSH! could be bigger and have more stations for more sustainable interactive play on top of the 5 they currently have. I think they might, but we shall see. 

For more about its operating hours and bundle promotion, please click here.


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