Solo Trip to Malacca with Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

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What would you do if your child is going on a 3D/2N overseas learning trip and your husband is too busy with his own trip to accompany you anywhere? Well, I tagged along went for 3D/2N solo trip to Malacca with this little darling, the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II!

Before I left for this solo trip, I have already read about the raving reviews of this award-winning entry-level mirrorless camera. So my expectation has been pitched higher, but I must confess, I am not even an amateur photographer. Just a layman photographer, if I may say.

The coach journey from Singapore to Malacca took me 4 hours, with no breaks (other than custom clearance) in between. When I reached Mahkota Parade at 1pm, I was famished. Fortunately there was Tim Ho Wan in Hatten Square where I alighted, so in I went to fill my stomach. Lunch like this cost me RM30 (S$10), super worth!

I have never been a pro in food photography, but this Olympus OM-D E-M 10 Mark II could pass me off as a budding one. They are effortless shots, really, because a hungry woman is an angry woman, I simply couldn't wait long to dig in.

After a satisfying lunch, I lugged my luggage to Novotel Hotel, which was about 5 mins walk from Hatten Square. It is a modern looking hotel, and very reasonably priced. Most importantly, it has WiFi in every room, no password required! In terms of its location, it is best suited for couples or singles. Here's a peep of my room.

And the lounge, and cafe.

The camera was able to capture vibrant colours quite well. I particularly like the shots of those red and blue chairs in the cafe.

After resting for a while, I went out for a walk, and saw these colourful trishaw by day and by night! Love how they dolled up their trishaws! 

It was a Thursday night, so Jonker Street wasn't opened. It would only open on Friday to Sunday. I ended up taking a River Cruise.

A friend of mine who owned an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II told me that I must get night shots with it because this little darling can really produce stunning night shots. And I did! What impressed me even more was its 5-axis image stabilization and the shutter speed because the photos you see below were taken on a boat cruising on Malacca River at a speed of about 60km/hr. With these two features, anyone can take beautiful, virtually blur-free images. Seriously!

I am totally in love with these night shots. I went to bed that night having a great sense of achievement!

Since Jonker Street opened on Friday, I made it point to tour that area from day to time. :)

Clock Tower

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

And along the way, I discovered this cute Mamee 'museum' cum cafe. Oh, my childhood snack! AJ loves it too, he will be thrilled to know of this place. Apparently, they have workshops for littles ones. My blogger friend, Cindy Gan, wrote about it. You may like to check it out here. If AJ were to join me on future trip to Malacca, I will bring him here.

A corner where they showcase how Mamee snack is made. Pretty interesting. 

Fresh watermelon juice, with flesh on!
They drilled a hole, at the same time, smashed up the flesh with the drill bit.
Then you drink the juice and eat the flesh with a big straw!

The Friday night stroll at Jonker Street was fun. I came back on Saturday morning. After this trip, I was completely sold. This Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II, may overwhelm beginners like me with its extensive features (of which many I didn't have time to explore), the shooting experience was a memorable one. Over the 3 days, I didn't have to re-charge its battery. The WiFi feature also enabled me to upload photos easily to social media platforms. This little darling, when will I see you again?


  1. The Colours from those night shots turned out really well!! It's always so tricky to get proper ones like that without those strange fuzzy outcome. Sounds like you had a fun time on your own too! :) thanks for tagging - reckon ur boy will have fun at the Lil Mamee Kitchen ;)

  2. Another tempting camera post ! hahaha ! Yours is a combo, not just camera but with food temptation as well ! Those dim sum and yes and the Mamee Museum ! Shall plan that into a must go should I be visiting Melaka !

  3. I love the colours and the night shots! Night shots are tricky, what more on a moving boat! Looks like a great camera I must say, despite being a Sony user.

  4. The night shots are really good and how fun it was to take a little break by yourself and go away for a short trip! My hubby is heading to Malacca tomorrow. I'll remind him to check out Jonker Walk too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. We went on a family trip to Malacca recently too. The weather was super hot. The night shots are nicely taken.

  6. Kudos to you for making it solo to Malacca :)
    I've never even travelled alone before! not even to JB! *gasp*
    Miss their Peranakan food and heritage sites :)

  7. I actually love the night shots that is where you find problem getting a still photo without using a tripod. Heard good reviews about it.

  8. Wow i really like the Jonker walk and Baba Nyonya heritage museum. Looks like I need to visit malacca soon!

    -Priscilla @ punggolbabies-

  9. Malacca is a great place. Loved your photos especially the night shots are awesome.

  10. Glad you made this trip nevertheless. It's funny how I just gave up Olympus for Panasonic recently. I spoke to the technical guy at Olympus and he agrees that my OMD can cater to my needs Liao. Hahah not that I'm so pro but i also went back to service centre 4 times a year for a faulty something. Sick and tired of repair costs liao


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