5 Things We Like About Safari Zoo Run

It’s a pity that we couldn’t participate in the Safari Zoo Run on the actual day. We had been training for it and were looking forward to that day - a day when one could enjoy the sight of the animals (on top of the greenery) while running. It is a rare chance one could run in the Zoo early in the morning. It would be a terrific experience to enjoy the early morning Zoo visit.

Alas! Yet, with all the anticipation, we couldn’t attend it. Sad to max and I can only hope to participate in the Run in 2018.

But AJ’s friend, N, went for the Run. He is quite a good runner so he opted for the 2.5km Kids Dash Competition. His mom kindly shared with me their photos and their very positive experience. These are what I have gathered:

(1) Very Well-organized

N was in the Kids Dash 2.5km Competitive Run. The age group for this competition was 6 to 12. The organization obviously has experience working with young kids and managing Run events, the younger kiddos aged 6 to 9 was set to compete first. In arrangement like this, the older kids won’t knock down the younger kids accidentally, and the competition would also deem fairer knowing that older kids usually have better strength and stamina.

(2) Very Well-thought Through

Knowing that this was a Family Run event, most families would have driven to event site. The carpark queue would definitely be long so parking could be a nightmare. Understanding the stress that could arise out of this situation, there was Valet Parking provided. That was a very nice gesture, I find. 

And if you had activities to attend after the Run (instead of staying around in the Zoo), you could shower at Grohe Shower Container (one of the sponsors of Safari Zoo Run). All you need to bring were your towels, toiletries and change of clothes on the race day for a nice and refreshing shower after the race! I’m not sure about you, but this is the first time I heard about shower facility provided in a Run event. I’m totally awed by this sweet arrangement!

(3) An Opportunity To Meet The Animals

Well, yes, of course! If you took part in the Family Run (2.5km or 5.5km), you could take your own sweet time to finish the race by animal watching! The distance became less of a chore for younger kids because the animals served as a great distraction. It was like killing two birds with one stone, you added a milestone to the things you want to do with your family, and you added a milestone to the distance literally.

(4) An Opportunity To See Night Safari In The Day

Oh, yay, the 5.5km and 10km route ran into the Night Safari Park, and these participants were the lucky ones who got to see the Nocturnal (and the Park) in the day! We never get to visit Night Safari in the day (unless you work there, of course), so this was such a rare opportunity! 

(5) Discount on Food

A hungry man is an angry man. So are the kids! This could be important especially when you have hungry children who would turn into cranky monsters! So some discount vouchers on food items were so welcomed by parents!

With so much fun that my friends who went had, I certainly don't wish to miss the Run next year! Till then, let's continue to run for our health!


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