What To Do This March Holiday? - Children’s Festival At Gardens By The Bay

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The annual Children’s Festival at Gardens by the Bay (GB) is back! This year, the theme is Dye-nosaur Gardens! Step into an imaginative world where life-size colourful dinosaurs roam the Gardens, hop onto this wonderful adventure with entertaining activities like dino-egg hunt, fun-filled carnival rides, games, crafts, workshops, and even music from the movie “Jurassic Park” performed by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra!

These are mostly outdoor activities and many of them are free! There are also some payable games and rides. Kids from 2 to 12 could easily spend half a day or more just on the activities in Dye-nosaur Gardens, parents be prepared!

Free Activities

The free activities are found in the sheltered corridor at the Supertree Grove, alongside with the eateries. There are Face Painting, Pipe Cleaner Sculpture, Keychain Shrinking and Sandart Bookmark. And don't forget to take photos with Brachy and Tricey, the 2 mascots when you spot them in the Gardens!

Colouring the keychain 

AJ's creation

2 designs to choose from 

Peeling off the stickers and dusting the colours onto the bookmark 

So many outstanding bookmarks 

AJ's creation

The highlight of this Children's Festival has got to be the "Trail of the Missing Colours" Dinosaur Egg Hunt by following the green booklet which you can collect basically anywhere in GB. We didn't have the time to do it, so we skipped it totally. Collect 7 chops for the Egg Hunt activities and your kid will get a chance for lucky dip!


There are also payable workshops which your children could attend. The workshops run daily during March school holidays and on weekend after the school holidays. Each workshop is $20. Friends of GB and existing students of The Learning Lab will enjoy 20% off each workshop. AJ did the Dinosaur Terrarium & Excavation workshop.

 About to plant the Fittonia Plant into the jar

Dino excavation 

AJ's creation


The games are payable, you can purchase the ticket at the ticket booth. Different games required different no. of tickets, the minimum is 2 tickets per game.

This Fishing game is a sure-win game :D

Carnival Rides

The carnival rides are payable (with prepaid tickets). Most of them are located at the Children's Garden while some are in the Supertree Grove. We didn't have time to explore the Children's Garden, so AJ only tried the 3 Player Bungee Trampoline and Walking Dinosaur Ride.

 Inflatable Playground

Getting excited to bring your kiddos down to GB? Here are some tips for you:

1. The weather can be rather erratic these days, so do bring umbrellas in case it rains;
2. Wear comfortable walking shoes because there could be quite a bit of walking involved;
3. Bring writing materials like pencils or pens for the Egg Hunt. Your kids need to write;
4. Be there after lunch if you can, so that you could stay on into the evening to enjoy the Garden Rhapsody and see the LED-lit dinosaurs!

The Children's Festival is opened daily till 2 April 2017 from 10am to 9pm at the Supertree Grove, World of Plants and Children’s Garden. Different activity will have different operating hours though. Do check out its website for more details. Yes, admission is free, you will only need to pay for some rides, games and workshops. Have loads of fun!


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