What To Do This March Holiday? - Blossom Bliss At Gardens By The Bay

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I had been to Japan but had never seen the Sakura before. With the fear of Fukushima radiation exposure, the visit to Japan is highly unlikely for us in the near future. Thankfully there is Blossom Bliss at Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay (until 24 March), we can enjoy the stunning Sakura in a safe environment.

If you are considering visiting Flower Dome for Blossom Bliss (Sakura), here are some tips for you:

1. Visit on Weekdays
The Gardens are expecting huge crowd to Flower Dome so do visit the Flower Dome on weekdays if you can if you really want to immerse yourselves in the atmosphere. We went there on a Saturday and there was practically no chance to take any nice photos without any people in it. You can witness the kind of crowd from my last 2 photos. Most of my photos were taken pointed upward to avoid having people in them.

2. Timed Entry
The Gardens are practising timed entry 9am / 11am / 1pm / 3pm / 5pm / 7pm to the Flower Dome to better manage the crowd, and strictly no re-entry is allowed. However, Friends of The Gardens will be allowed entry anytime of the day.

3. Buy Tickets Online
You now have a feel of the crowd, so do book your tickets online to avoid disappointment because there is quota to each time slot. Do check The Gardens' Facebook for updates on the state of flowering before you go.

The Blossom Bliss will end on 24 March (next Fri), so do plan your visit early.

The Gardens by the Bay


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