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I like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL), not because of its tea or coffee, but its All-Day Breakfast! I refined my eating style in the recent years, nowadays I would skip dinner or eat light. Because of that, my breakfast the next day would be substantial. 

The CBTL outlet in basement of Suntec City, facing the wealth fountain

So glad to be alerted that CBTL has some new additions to their All-Day Breakfast menu and à la carte menu, so Serene and I went to check it out after our morning jog. And the new additions are: The Mediterranean Sandwich, Avocado Tuna Melt, Cold Pasta Salad with Turkey Ham, Smoked Chicken SaladSesame Dressing Chicken & Egg Sandwich, Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich and Creamy Seafood Fusilli

I ordered The Mediterranean Sandwich while Serene had Creamy Seafood Fusilli. We shared the Smoked Chicken Salad.

The Mediterranean Sandwich $13.90

The presentation of the Mediterranean Sandwich may not look very appetising but the egg served in egg benedict style was really da boom. Even Serene who doesn't eat yolk commented it was nice. 

See the whole yolk!

The Mediterranean Sandwich uses Vienna bread as base and top it up with tomatoes, feta cheese spinach, eggs topped with hollandaise sauce, turkey ham and a side of mushrooms. If you love eggs, you would love this!

Creamy Seafood Fusilli ($14.90) 

Yup, Serene ordered Creamy Seafood Fusilli but it turned out as Creamy Seafood Spaghetti. We are not fussy bunch of people, so we didn't ask to have it changed. The Creamy Seafood Pasta (I shall change it to 'pasta' in this case) is made mustard cream sauce with ingredients like prawns, scallops and parmesan cheese. While the prawns and scallops were fresh, the parmesan cheese wasn't generous enough. The sauce was rich and creamy but pasta did not absorb the taste of the sauce, resulting it being blend. This dish can definitely be perfected.

Smoked Chicken Salad ($11.90) 

Serene and I shared this salad. The smoked chicken breast atop bountiful greens, cherry tomatoes, cranberries and almond flakes topped off with a palatable sesame dressing was a delightful appetiser. The added crunch from the roasted almond flakes, the tangy sweet from the cranberries and the sesame dressing worked together in perfect synergy. I would have wiped it clean if there were less food to finish up.

The new Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended® drink and Mexican Chocolate Latte (from $7)

Life A meal with friends is not complete without having dessert. So we ordered these 2 new Mexican Chocolate beverages. Serene enjoyed her much needed icy smooth cup of Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended® Drink after her morning run with me. As for me, I can't start my day without coffee, so this balanced blend between The Coffee Bean’s premium espresso and Mexican chocolate, the new Mexican Chocolate Latte simply hit me at the right spot. The roasted coffee beans, rich Mexican chocolate and earthy spice flavours fuse together to form an aromatic enchantment in a cup. If you like chocolate drinks or coffee and chocolate combined, do head down to CBTL for these. These 2 drinks are available till 24 May 2017 only.

A hearty brunch with Serene at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Here are the 4 new additions which we did not try.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


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