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Believe it or not, I had never tried Quinoa (pronounced as ‘kinwa’ or keenwa’) even though I am very much into health food. The fact is: I didn’t consume it because I don’t quite know how to cook it. And, commercially, other than occasionally found in salad bar, Quinoa is not that easily available when eating out. 

Quinoa has been perceived as ‘grain’, but, technically, Quinoa is a seed. It is actually a complete protein that has the nine essential amino acids that you should get via your diet, as your body does not make them on its own. This superfood is not only high in protein, it is high in fiber too. The fiber in quinoa can help you feel full longer, which is an excellent news to those who want to manage their weight or lose weight. And yes, you can eat Quinoa cold or hot, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can read more about Quinoa here and here.

When I got to know of Modus, Singapore's First and Only Quinoa Bowls, I was very excited, because, Quinoa is not that easily available when eating out. 

Modus is opened by two fine dining chefs (Ian Phoon, 28, and Alvin Tan, 29) who wanted to cook tasty, nutritious foods at a value-for-money price for everyone to enjoy. They aspire to create an exquisite sensory experience through the use of precise culinary techniques in the crafting of each dish without being pretentious. They believe that every dish has their own balance, and balance is their modus operandi. Armed with a combined experience of nearly 30 years in the fine dining industry, they took the leap of faith to set up their own venture in Singapore. They love the versatility of quinoa, crunchiness of fermented vegetables and the health benefits that come with these two. Hence, they started an organic quinoa bowl concept right at the heart of the CBD area – at Esplanade Exchange The Food Inn.

It is not difficult to locate the place.
Just look for Esplanade Xchange at Esplanade MRT station near the Suntec City/Marina Square exits. 

Walk into the Explanade Xchange, you will see The Food Inn Food Court

With choices of salmon, beef, pork and chicken, we get fantastic value-for-money lunches and dinners that are filling, tasty and nutritious. Modus aims to spread the perception that Quinoa not only can be kind to our gut (health), it can also be kind to our pockets too!

The Korean Bowl
Sauteed Beef & Onions, Homeamde Korean Kimchi, Marinated Sprouts, Fried Wanton Skin with Organic Premium Hondashi Quinoa 

The Thai Bowl
Thai Basil Pork Shoulder, Homemade Pickled Vegetables with Green Mango, Marinated Sprouts, Kao Kua with Organic Premium Hondashi Quinoa 

The Chinese Bowl
Deconstructed Kung Pao Chicken, Sauteed peppers, Homemade Thai Style Pickles with Organic Premium Hondashi Quinoa (add $0.50 for a Wasabi Poached Egg)

The Japanese Bowl
Aburi Salmon, Tsukemono, Sauteed Crabmeat, Corn Kernels, Furikake, Homeamde Fermented Sprouts with Organic Premium Hondashi Quinoa

Quinoa is low in GI thus preventing blood sugar level from spiking and crashing. It is a good alternative to your white rice or bread, especially to those who wants to cut down on carbohydrates intake and those who has diabetes. One could easily feel the difference in your energy level with such replacement! 

What I like is that Modus ferments their vegetables so that it not only adds different layers of taste to the dish, it also completes the meal with high probiotics, which builds up one’s immune system.

Imagine having a satisfying and delicious meal that is high in probiotics, complete protein, fibre and vitamins and yet low in GI, calories as well as price. I would call this “happiness in a bowl” and I seriously won't mind having this three meals a day, everyday.

Even the little one enjoys Quinoa so much, what about you?
(Daughter of Serene)



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