Food We Ate In Ho Chi Minh, Saigon - Vietnam

We didn't capture much photos of our food, and I couldn't remember why too! But there are some restaurants and stall we went are highly recommended by TripAdvisor, so let me share some here.

On the first day we landed, we had a simple pho for lunch in a small family-run restaurant.

For dinner on the same day, we went Ngoc Suong Saigon, which is actually very near Fusion Suites Saigon, our hotel. It seems like a posh restaurant (in Vietname's standard) because we don't see that many customers inside. 

The Salmon Salad was quite nice.  They pan-fry the fish to add crispiness.

This crispy pork was a total dismay. The pork was tough and hard to chew on.

The grilled squids were lovely. It was the first plate to go empty.

The clams in soup was great too!

Another dismay was this plate of green. So tough to chew on.

This crab glass noodles was great! You have to order it!

Read about TripAdvisor's review on Ngoc Suong here.

Lunch on second day was a very late lunch because we went to Chu Chi Tunnel in the morning. We went to Song Ngu, which is also quite near our hotel for steamboat. It must be a popular lunch venue for businessmen and working class people, because we saw quite a few cluster of them having lunch here. The food here was indeed great!

Very fresh seafood

This plate of mixed vegetables didn't disappoint.

Read about TripAdvisor's review on Song Ngu here.

This is probably the only street food we tried. It was sugar biscuit wrapped in rice paper, pretty much like our traditional sugar biscuit in Singapore. But the Vietname version has added dried coconut stripes. The boy doesn't like dried coconut stripes so he only had one bite.

The night when we went Ben Thah Market we tried their hawker food. This stall that we eventually settled in served great grilled and barbeque seafood were delicious. The stall workers were super efficient in ushering customers to the respective tables, cleaning up the tables and serving food. They worked like an assembly line, each work had his/her designated tasks, yet they served with efficiency and pride. I wonder if the owner of the stall gives them profit sharing.

With this food post, I end the third instalment of our Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) trip. You may like to read the previous two instalments here:

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