Chatuchak Thai Milk Tea & Coffee

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Sweet treats unite! Agree?

Despite being a Paleo Diet advocate, I do have my cheat days. Cheat days are precious days when I use them to bond with loved ones and friends.

Chatuchak Ice Lemon Tea

If you love Thai Milk Tea, you might just love Chatuchak Thai Milk Tea & Coffee. For simple reasons, they reduce the sugar level to suit our local palate. I do find milk tea, coffee with milk and other diary products in neighbouring developing countries too sweet. So, it is definitely a welcoming news that Chatuchak Thai Milk Tea & Coffee chose to reduce the sugar level. It is certainly healthier too.

Besides that, all the ingredients are from Thailand and the tea leaves they use are from a famous Thai supplier, which has 80% market share in Thai food businesses in Thailand. That is a lot more authentic without having to step into Thailand!

I tried their Thai Milk Tea (Iced), Lemon Tea (Iced) and Green Tea Cocoa (Hot). I like their Thai Milk Tea as it wasn't too sweet yet is creamy and strong enough. On sleepy days, I think I would opt for Green Tea Cocoa for its intensity. It did serve to wake me up in this super hot day!  

Chatuchak Ice Milk Tea & Ice Lemon Tea ($2 each)

Chatuchak Hot Green Tea Cocoa ($2.50)

On top of that, their egglets are handmade fresh daily with fresh milk from Thailand, using fresh eggs and premium grade flour with no preservatives added. There is really nothing more I can ask for for sweet treats. I feel guilt-less bringing my child along too.

I have tried the plain egglet, charcoal cheese egglet, banana egglet, meat floss egglet and cheese egglet. I love them all and would like to try the rest of the flavours when I go next time. 

Charcoal Cheese Egglet with Coconut Ice Cream ($6+$2.50) & Plain Egglet with Milk Tea Ice Cream ($4+$2.80)

Banana Egglet with Chocolate Ice Cream ($5.50+$2.50)

I especially like the open concept kitchenette because I can see the way the owner and the staff handle and prepare the food. It gives me assurance when hygiene is concerned.

Love it when my Banana Egglet has real banana instead of essence

Look at the generous servings of meat floss on my egglet

Good news  for you! If you follow Chatuchak on Facebook, you will get $1 off any egglet and upsize your Thai Milk Tea / Thai Green Tea or Thai Coffee for free!

Chatuchak Thai Milk Tea & Coffee
12 Gopeng Street, #01-84
Icon Village
Singapore 078877

Weekdays: 8am to 8pm
Saturdays: 10am to 8pm
Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed


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