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[Book Review]

We were given this set of books for review. AJ was told to read them only after exam. But, you know, KIDS. He couldn’t contain the excitement of having new storybooks to read. He secretly sneaked them into his bag to read during pockets of time or bring one to the toilet to read while doing his business.

Well, he has finished these 4 books, even before his exam is over. Period.  Since he has finished them, it is now my turn to read them. And it suddenly came to light why he couldn’t stop reading them and could finish them in rocket timing.

The story is about a pair of siblings, Shu and Jay, who are orphans. Their parents passed away due to a road accident 5 years ago. Their parents were business persons, invented the Blade Quest card game and their business flourishes. When the parents died, their father’s best friend, Uncle Selva (the guardian) helps out in the business until the siblings are old enough to take over.

The road ahead to sustain this Blade Quest card game business is not easy. There is this guy named Garth Gan who feels that he should be the one taking over the business. Garth was working closely with Jay’s parents for a period of time. But, due to some disagreement, Garth was asked to leave Blade Quest Industries. He is very bitter about it and wants to take revenge. 

The adventure starts for the siblings when the two need to go Malaysia, Japan, Australia, USA and China, to retrieve the 5 notebooks that they parents had. These notebooks were written in code and they contain all the secrets that account to why Blade Quest card game is so successful. The siblings need to get these notebooks back before Garth else Blade Quest Industries will be in trouble. Their adventures got spiced up when some of these notebooks landed in the hand of Garth Gan, and these children need to take them back!

As I read these 4 books, I must say, the adventure that they had in each country was intriguing and captivating, so much so, it can be quite difficult to put each book down. One would just want to finish up the book first before doing anything else. The books were speed-read by AJ as there are few difficult words, so I would say, children of 8 up could digest them very well. Avid 7YO readers could read too!

The storyline was well-planned, I see myself looking forward to reading Book 5 and 6 as well! AJ has already asked me when the next 2 books would come. Be patient baby, they will be launched early next year.

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