House Moving 101 - Allergen Free Blinds With Window Cool

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AJ has developed to having sensitive airway in the recent years. Each time he wakes up, he will have to spend some time clearing his nose. Sometimes, this happens even at night when he is about to sleep. We have been wondering why. It was the recent episodes of asthma attack that got me discussed with my friend who is a paediatrician. He suggested to send AJ for a prick test to ascertain if he is allergic to dust mites as he suspected so. It turned out he is indeed allergy to the droppings of the dust mites.

This means no more flush toys, and basically, an overhaul of the bedding, sofa, etc. Since we were in the midst of renovating our new place, the timing was just right to choose the right furniture and furnishing for him.

We did away with fabric sofa and opted for sofa with synthetic leather. For our beds, we got metal bed frame ones because these are the safest (though they aren't the prettiest). We changed all our mattresses and pillows and gotten latex pillows for all of us.

There is no wallpaper in our house because it is a BIG no-no. When it comes to curtain, it is also not advisable to have thick block-out ones in his room. But, AJ is a light sleeper, so we need to block the morning light coming in from his room window to ensure he doesn't wake up at undesirable hour. I sought help from Window-Cool because we cannot have block-out curtains in his room. 

The email response on my enquiry was fast and an arrangement with the sales person, Kengy (his mobile no.: 91916008), for site survey was made promptly.

Kengy recommended me to use PVC Blockout Roller Blinds in view of AJ's condition. PVC Blockout Roller Blinds block out light and is easy to clean. All I need is a damp cloth to wipe it! So the deal was on! We installed PVC Blockout Roller Blinds for the 2 common rooms. 

I was not only impressed with the recommendation and the products, I was also very impressed with the installation crew.

Tools are placed on blue towel to protect my floor

When the installation crew came to my place, they actually brought along a big blue towel to lay it down on my floor before placing their tools on the blue towel. That goes to show how much respect they have for the owners' properties. This is hardly a trait I see these days with contractors. 

Drilling and vacuuming at the same time

They also use proper ladder (ok, I highlighted this because I have contractors using my brand new dining chairs to reach the upper kitchen cabinet!!!!) and they even vacuumed the dust while drilling! I was so impressed by the due respect they have for owners' properties that I have to dot it down here. Their boss has done a great job educating his people on this aspect!

We are all very happy with Window-Cool's product quality and service level. Even without this sponsorship, I will also recommend them. Window-Cool provides more than curtains and blinds, they are pretty big in window film too. Do visit their website for more information.



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