House Moving 101 - Painting The House With Ionized Paint

When it comes to painting the house, household brands like Dulux and Nippon just float up. While these giants have been around for many decades and that I have no doubt of their premium grade paint quality, the final touch of the paint lies very much on the skills and attitude of the painters.

Giants like them use sub-contractors to paint, thus the final touch of the paint work will be subjective, depending how good the workers of these sub-contractors are, and how strict their on-site supervisors are. Count yourselves lucky if you have a good contractor to paint your house, but it doesn't always happen!

We don't paint our house often, we probably do so every time we need to move house or every 5 to 10 years, so it makes sense for us to use Ionpaint instead. 

Ionpaint is an innovative paint, which has gone under the NANO technology, IonTech. Under the processing of IonTech, the air purification of Ionpaint can now neutralise the unseen harmful substances in the air. Its major purpose is to purify the unhealthy air in the house. 

Ionpaint has premium matt finish specially formulated for the Easy Clean purpose. Stains can be wiped off to ensure that the matt finish walls. The bonus is that it also comes with Anti Mould and Fungus function.

We are constantly surrounded by positive ions which damage our health. It doesn't help when we have island-wide WiFi and bluetooth connection, and we are with our electronic gadgets all-the-time, if not most-of-the-time. We need to counter balance these exposure with negative ions, and Ionpaint does just that. You can read up more about negative ions here.

Despite having all these goodness, you'll be surprised that Ionpaint is very comparable to those paint giants in terms of pricing:

Living/Dining + 3-bedroom + Kitchen $1,250
Living/Dining + 4-bedroom + Kitchen $1,350
Living/Dining + 5-bedroom + Kitchen $1,450
Living/Dining + 5-bedroom + Study + Kitchen $1,550
Executive Apartment/Masionate        $2,300
Landed property requires on-site survey

If you have to pay to paint your house, why don't you get Ionpaint that could benefit your health? If you are convinced that Ionpaint is for you, call Johnny at 81182086 for a quotation. Let him know that Jenn has referred him to you, I'm sure you will render you good service.

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