House Moving 101 - Breathe Good Air With GoodAire Air Revitalizer H1

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Our new place is surrounded with lush greenery, with nature reserves around us. While I appreciate the cool, fresh air that we get everyday, I am also concerned with the possibility of mosquitoes breeding. Dengue is my greatest fear. No thanks when we discovered that there is a new condo in the making just adjacent to my new place when we were renovating it. Besides mosquitoes, I am also concerned about fungal spores and mould because my son, AJ, has a sensitive airway.

Construction site - New condo in the making

I avoid using harmful chemical as much as possible. We don’t even have Baygon at home. I use Eucalyptus spray to kill bugs and insects instead. With my concern on mosquitoes, I am glad to be gifted of GoodAire (homegrown company #supportlocalbusiness) Air Revitalizer H1 to try. 

Air Revitalizer H1 defends against Zika and Dengue. In fact, lab tests have shown 100% knockdown and immobilization of mosquitoes within 2-5 minutes of exposure to their essential oil formulations. Its anti-mosquito research was conducted according to World Health Organisation’s standard.

You may like to know that the aroma diffuser they use is DEET-free and the fragrance is 100% natural from plant-based ingredients. Air Revitalizer H1 also purifies the air by removing haze and other common air pollutants. It is perfect to use during the season when our neighbouring country starts burning forests again.

What's in the Air Revitalizer H1 box?

The patented air purification system of Air Revitalizer H1 works by drawing air in, removing the pollutants through scrubbing and letting the clean air that is infused with nano-porous beads of essential oils out. The best part is: it can be adjusted to low noise for night operation and there is no visible vapour. We can also control the Air Revitalizer H1 via a Wi-Fi app so that means I could control it remotely without the need to get off my bed in the middle of the night. Check out how Air Revitalizer H1 works here

Products from GoodAire are environmentally-friendly and non-ozone producing, thus, it is safe for elderly, infants and young children. One Air Revitalizer H1 is effective for enclosed rooms of up to 3,000 sqft, so it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Air Revitalizer H1 comes in 6 colours – Black, White, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Red, so there is definitely a colour that can blend into your house d├ęcor. Besides, aesthetically, it looks classy on its own too.

In a standard box of Air Revitalizer H1, there is a total of 6 sets of Nanovent cartridges; 2 of each of these:
N3 MozDefender Pelavtus – Gold cartridge
N3 MozDefender Lemongrass – Silver cartridge
N3 Frangrance Lavender – Purple cartridge

Lemongrass is well-known as a natural mosquito repellent and the Pelavtus is a proprietary blend of oils created by GoodAire, specially formulated to knock down and repel mosquitoes. If you prefer to create a soothing atmosphere to calm minds and induce sleep, try Lavender.

View from AJ's room

The GoodAire Air Revitalizer H1 is a permanent feature in AJ’s room now because to build up a stronger respiratory system for him is one of our top priorities. If you are like me, who is concerned with the health condition of our family members, especially younger children or the elderly, consider investing in GoodAire Air Revitalizer H1 which is both an air purifier and a mosquito repellent. 

Here’s a good news for you! Thanks to GoodAire for their generosity! I have ONE Air Revitalizer H1 to give away. To participate, please follow the following steps:

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