[Review] I Can Read iPad Application (我会读iPad 应用软件)

I have always been an ardent supporter of Glenn Doman's teaching. In fact I used his method to coach AJ on English, Math & Chinese.  I have received wonderful results using this method. Naturally, I am a firm believer that his method works because I have a walking testimony right at home!

My friend's mother who wrote & published Chinese books basing on Glenn Doman's teaching method has a wide collection of Chinese storybooks for tods to children of lower primary level. I bought some books from her when AJ was very young.  I find them so effective in teaching AJ to master Chinese at an early age.  Recently, my friend told me that her mom's books have gone digital.  Wow! I must really take a look!

While I do not encourage young children to stare at electronic gadgets at all, I understand that we are living in a society where we cannot live without one. Staring at electronic gadgets means getting the radiation emitted by these gadgets at closer proximity.  The flickering screen will also cause the eyes of your little ones to strain & thus their eyes get tired easily.  Not surprising, we have children wearing spectacles at much younger age these days due to short-sightedness.  So, I would strongly recommend children under 3 not to be exposed to electronic gadgets at all, if possible.

I am glad to know that the e-books by tots can read starts from level 4, which is for age 3 up.  If you did not start your child on Chinese early, he/she may not be able to read at this level until he/she is 4, 5 or 6.

I downloaded the application in ipad & tried it myself.  I assessed this application from the angle of a mother teaching her child Chinese.  I like what I have tested very much.

This is the front page of the application. 

When you click 'Read Now', this is what you will see. When you click on the box where the arrow is pointing, the sentence will be read out.  Thus, you have full control on when you want it to be read.

Towards the end, there is a revision. When you click on the triangle, the sentence will be read out.  When you click on the Chinese character, that particular character will be read out.  If you would like the English explanation, which is useful for 'potato' children (& parents), click on the sentence in English.  Again, full control on the progress of mastering Chinese.  I like!

& there is Word Game too!  You could use that to revise new Chinese characters covered in this story.  You should let your child attempt to read them first, then tap each Chinese character to hear it.  This way you help him/her enforces what he/she has learned.

At the end of the Word Game, there is a score chart.  Reward your child when he/she has improved with each lesson!

At US$0.99 on itunes, this is a steal, consider that it could teach your child Chinese effectively and double up as a digital baby sitter as well. 

If you prefer to get the physical books, you can purchase them here.

Learning Chinese can be fun & easy when you have appropriate tools.   :)

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