The City - Interactive Learning Playground

During the March school holidays, AJ & his schoolmate went to The City - an interactive learning playground in Liang Court. It is Singapore's first-of-its-kind playtime experience for children aged 3-8.

In The City, children get to try out different adult roles & professions.  They can transform themselves into Cooks, Cashiers, Grocer, Doctors, Nurses or Policemen, dressing themselves in the uniforms & outfits that make their fantasy play come alive. They can drive on mini streets, navigate traffic signs & lights, & explore small-scale real-life locations, such as the supermarket, cafe, post office, beauty salon, medical clinic, nursery, etc. 

In my opinion, The City is more suitable for preschoolers.  For Primary School goers, the environment/set up can be too kiddos.  The place is small, to my surprise, thus if it gets crowded, children really have not much to play with.

Do remember to bring socks for yourself & your children.  The centre will charge $5 for a pair if you were to buy.  You & your children can stay as long as you like, you may also have a breakkie & return to the centre to continue playing in the same day as long as the maximum no. of children has not been met.


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