A Glimpse of Me from aged 2 to year 2000

Feeling a little nostalgic today, I dug out all my old photos & looked through them.  Fond memories still flashing my mind.  Here's a glimpse of me from aged 2 to year 2000.  Yes, the cuteness stopped there.

I guess I was about 2.  I love that tummy most!

I was 4, I think, at Haw Par Villa

About 5, the tallest was my sister

At 7, you know how moms liked flowers when taking photos? 

Celebrating my 10th birthday at home with neighbours

PSLE year.  I was a prefect!

At 14, acting cute

At 16, in my secondary school uniform

Sweet 18th birthday celebration. That was my beloved mom.

Aiyo, I can't remember how old I was but I confirmed it was 青春123!

Year 1992. Those were the days we were dying to look old mature.

Year 1994. Wah, so demure!  Photo taken in Brisbane.

Year 1997. With my 14YO Toyota when I was studying in Melbourne.

Year 2000. With my best friend from Melbourne.  I went visiting.

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