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I came to know Christ some 20 years ago, my current church is not my 1st church.  It was another sister church, much bigger in terms of premise & no. of worshippers.  I grew (in the Lord) very well there, the spiritual food was healthy & good, & the fellowship bonding was terrific.  I fostered many deep friendships there, the ties that still bind till today though we are mostly in different churches now.

There was absolutely no reason for me to leave that church.  I was serving happily there too.  However, the Lord has His plan.  Just as He has planned for me to come to know Him & be rooted in that 1st church.

Rev. Dr. Prabhudas Koshy (pastor Koshy) visited my then church often as we invited him to speak in our service or fellowship group meetings many times.  I liked his preaching since the very 1st time i heard it.  His sermons were sound, well rooted on the King James Bible & they often pierced my heart, convicted me of my sins & encouraged me in my walk with Christ.

When life made a turn that I had to be uprooted from my 1st church, the next better choice (humanly speaking) was the church that pastor Koshy was pastoring.  So I went.

I cannot be sure how long i have been in my current church, it could be 12 or 13 years.  Over more than a decade, I have witnessed the work of this man & his love for the Lord.  There were so many times so many things that we (members of the church) have done that broke his heart.  But he never once stopped interceding for us, encouraging us, edifying us & forgiving us.  He had numerous sleepless nights either because of our sins or because he has many works to complete.  In most days, he slept only 4-5 hours.  Without doubt, his health took the hit.  But, instead of resting more to restore his health, he worked harder.  He believed that the Lord will watch over him, as long as he continues doing what he is called to do, the good Lord will grant him grace.  He is indeed a living testimony of a man who lives by God's grace.  

Pastor Koshy is an Indian from India, a permanent resident in Singapore.  He came to Singapore to study in Far Eastern Bible College in 1987.  He served in my current church in 1990 & was ordained as a minister & pastor in 1994.  The church grew from 8 worshippers to 200+ over the years under his minister-ship.  It might not be a fantastic figure to boast about, compared to many other churches in Singapore, but we are most glad with the increased because the preaching has not been compromised, & the church did not ascribe to the worldly way of promoting itself to gain numbers.

He has always been a spiritual support to me, particularly in times of trial like this.  Whenever I have doubt in my decision making, he is the 1st person I would think of to seek advice to confirm if my decision is right with the Lord.

He is musically talented, though he did not have any formal training on that.  He put music to many verses in Psalms, so that we could sing the verses & have those verses kept in memory.  He has composed so many verses in Psalm that we have compiled them into a DVD.  You may watch it in youtube

That's not all, he composed spiritual songs as well.  The most recent one is this piece, which I so loved.  The choir church sang it during our church 26th anniversary in March 2014.

I thank the Lord for this man, this servant of God.  I pray that the good Lord will continue to watch over him, protect him, grant him health so that he may continue to do more for Him.  This month, pastor Koshy will be celebrating his 49th birthday.  I take this opportunity to wish him a Blessed Birthday!  The Lord bless you & keep you!

Blessed Birthday to you, pastor!


  1. Praise God for a Godly man ( Pastor) that God had appointed. A blessed birthday to my Pastor too. May our Lord Jesus contiune to keep him and his family safe.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I think it's great that you have such a wonderful role model!

    1. Thanks for popping by! Indeed it was a blessing from God to know this man.


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