[Media Invite] How Cool Is Your Poo?

I had always wanted to attend talks on colon cancer but, somehow, I always couldn't attend one.  When Abeille d'Or invited me to attend this talk on 19 Apr, I knew I must make time for it.  In fact, it turned out to be a really educational one.

As a parent, I always request to examine my son's poo.  By that, I don't mean taking them out to check.  I will observe the colour, the texture & the smell left in the toilet bowl.  This helps me to ascertain whether he has been eating correctly or whether there could be any signs of virus in the stomach (stomach flu, diarrhoea, etc) or constipation.

But, as adults, are we also that diligent in checking our poo?  I bet not many of us have 'premium type' of poo as shown in this picture.

I learnt from Dr. Haresh Kumar Kantilal that day that Colorectal Caner is the no. 1 cancer in Singapore & Malaysia now.  The primary causes of constipation can be faulty nutrition, ignoring call to eliminate, lack of physical activity, emotional & mental distress, extrinsic poisons & medications, & lack of adequate amounts of water.

What is scary: What goes in doesn't always come out.  Drugs (medication) can settle in the tissues of the body & the colon catches a good deal of these.  Laxative is not to be consumed on a regular basis as it is harmful.  So what is the remedy?

The different types of deformed colon

Dr. Haresh Kumar Kantilal recommended:
(1) Drink lots of water;
(2) Exercise
(3) Eat plenty of whole grains, high fiber foods, food that will spoil easily (i.e. non-processed food), go organic, low fat meat & poultry, & fish; &
(4) Eat lots of vegetables from the Brassica species. Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts & kale belong to that species.

Seriously, it means you will have to eat a lot of vegetables. I really mean A LOT.  But, most of the meals served outside lacks that.  If you really really can't take in as much vegetable, at least drink it.

Yakult Health Foods has Maroyaka Kale Powder in sachet form which is very convenient for you to bring around. It is available for sale in Guardian Pharmacy.  Do make it a point to take baby step to help yourself attaining better health.  You may read up on my review of this here.

 Maroyaka Kale Powder

If you don't take vegetable, at least drink it!

After attending this talk, I tell you, I am sore afraid.  What's inside our body we can't see, what's happening inside we do not know.  The unknown is always scary.

What I'm going to do next is to contact my doctor to do a cancer marker test. I shall do this yearly.  This will help to detect early stage of cancer. 

If you are above 50, Health Promotion Board (HPB) has an Integrated Screening Programme for you.  Please click this link to know more about it. 

Following a good diet & establishing a regular health check routine are some simple ways we can help ourselves to better manage our health.  Don't wait till it is too late.


  1. Very informative. Reminds me to really drink more water.

  2. I'm monitoring my water intake, ensuring that i drink 2.5 to 3 litres daily (coffee/tea not included).

  3. Hi! I would like to know does it have any side effects? Does it promotes bowel movement and detoxification?

    1. Hi Jeanne,
      There is no known side effects as far as I know. Because it is a vegetable drink, it does help to promote more frequent bowel movement (fiber intake). Anything that helps us to purge is detox. We detox by: breathing out, urinate, sweating and pooing.


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