[Review] How To Think Like a Scientist

This is a monthly post on 'Book or Web/Mobile Application for Children'. Every 3rd week of the month I will post on a review on books that AJ has read or web/mobile application that he has tried on.

We started AJ on Science more systematically recently since he will be officially adding it to his school curriculum next year.  So we went through themes that are covered in the syllabus in Primary 3 & 4 as stated in Ministry of Education's website.  

Along the way, we realised that we may need to 'train' him to think like a scientist to appreciate Science better.  The father then came across this book & decided to borrow it. 

How To Think Like a Scientist is appropriate for Primary 3 & 4 students.  The book teaches children not to see things at face value, instead, they are recommended to use the 5-step scientific method taught in the book to verify them.  In a way, this helps the children in the development of logic & reasoning too.  

We went ahead to borrow 3 other books for him to read, which use the same 5-step scientific method to analyse a situation.  This series do help him to realise that one could almost use the 5-step scientific method anywhere.

Of course, reading is reading.  In order to cultivate the mindset of thinking like a scientist, one has to put the 5-step scientific method into practice regularly.  We are trying to cultivate that on him.  :)


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