AJ's First Pay Cheque

This is AJ's 1st pay cheque.  Yes, he was working.

As you may have known, we have been trying to teach him to be more savvy financially & be a good steward of money.  He didn't disappoint us, he told us to portion 10% from this sum for tithes.

We chanced upon this modelling agency who was recruiting child models & I was interested to let AJ have a try.  This modelling task was not about catwalking, the jobs assigned were mainly 'calefare' jobs & at the most, more glamourous ones like print ads & TVC ads (which are not easy to come by).

After discussing with the father, we both agreed that as long as the assignments do not affect church service/commitments, school work & music development, & are not sensual stuff, AJ can take them up (we conveyed these clearly to him too).  In fact, we did turn down an assignment that was to be a mascot for Cold Storage Kids Run as it happened on Sunday morning which would affect church service (we are also conscientiously trying to impart to him the importance of putting God 1st). 

So he went for his 1st job on a Saturday morning in April.  The entire shooting process took about 3 hours.  He enjoyed it very much, learning a little about the Spanish Flamenco dance. :)

Here's the video clip that has been broadcast in CBeebies.  You may be able to catch a glimpse of him when you tune in to this channel. 


  1. Haha. One of my older boys earned his first pay cheque at a few months old for a magazine

    1. I must agree that they were excited to receive their 1st pay cheque! :)

    2. At 3 mths' old, he knew nothing lah. Easiest job. Just goo goo gaa gaa and they snap photos. haha.

    3. Oh, pardon me. I mis-read it as 'few months ago' when it should be 'few months old'. :P


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