Trading Master, My Mentor - Robin Ho

This is a monthly post on 'Inspiring Individual'. Every 2nd week of the month I will post on individual who has crossed our path & how we were inspired by him/her.

Jan - The Music Conductor, Adrian Tan
Feb - Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Success Coach - Ismail Gafoor
Mar - 儿子的华文老师 - 颜清碹老师
Apr - Man of God - Rev. (Dr.) Prabhudas Koshy
May - 新加坡教育界的杰出华人 - 张美香校长

If you have read 'About Me' on my blog, you would have known that I do trade stocks.  Most people who have not traded stocks before or have been burnt by the stock market before would think trading in stock market depends very much on 'luck' & it is very much like gambling.

Fortunately I didn't think so.  When I joined the industry as a Remiser in 2007, I was eager to master the skills of trading in the stock market because I know that without the necessary skills, one would simply 'donate' money to the other players in the market.  I see trading stocks very much like running a business.  One needs to have the necessary skill sets & of course, the general rule of business applies, buy low sell high.

I went to many talks & seminars to determine which 'Masters' in the market were worthy of my course fees because there are many con men in this industry.  I was fortunate to come across a few of them, & 1 of them is now my mentor - Robin Ho.

Robin has been through bankruptcy twice to arrive at where he is today.  He is 1 of the top-tier Remisers & Traders in Phillip Capital.

Robin has been guiding his students & clients in this arena, sharing whatever he knows without reservation.  I have been his students for close to 6 years & I am thankfully to him in helping me acquiring the necessary skills.  Whenever he has any talk/workshop/seminar, I will make it a point to go because there are always new things to learn from him.

Can you spot me?

I cannot thank him enough, so since tomorrow is Fathers' Day, I take this opportunity to wish him a 'Blessed Fathers' Day, Robin'!


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