It's Singing Too!

When AJ was young, we asked him, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“I want to be a teacher.”
A standard answer, I would reckon, because he was a preschooler, & teachers were probably 1 of those few people in his circle of interaction.

When he was older, after he attended the role play at ‘A Doctor for A Day’ event, we asked him the same question.
“I want to be a doctor.”
Ah! So there’s a change.  The career ambition changes with the kind of profession he was recently exposed to.

Not too long ago we asked him again.
“I want to be a writer.”
Oh, changed again huh.  Why writer?
You see, AJ has been religiously reading Sherlock Sam series & Danger Dan series (yea, we support local authors).  He will be amongst the 1st few (hundreds) readers to get hold of the books when they are launched.  When he is in good mood, he will pen a decent book review of the book he has just finished reading.

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3 months on, his ambition remains as a writer.  We shall see what happens a year later.

As parents, we also harbour some hope of what we would like him to be when he grows up (don't you?) although we would like to disguise it with ‘we are happy if he could pursue his passion, whatever it may be’. 

I am not too concern with what he would be in the secular world, I am more concern about how he could serve more effectively in church.  As his mom, I have a good idea what are his gifts/talents, but whether he has the passion to pursue things that he is gifted with/talented in is a different issue altogether.

Although AJ is pretty good with piano, & one may think he can serve as a pianist in church, I can assure you the church that we worship in has no lack of pianists.  I reckon that this phenomenon is common in many established churches.  Although he could serve in church as a pianist in the future, I do not see a pressing need as there is no lack.

What I see lacking in my church is a qualified & fully committed conductor.  Don't get me wrong.  We do have 1 qualified & fully committed conductor now, but this conductor's 1st & foremost calling is being a preacher.  He has to pastor his flock. Thus, to be efficient in his primary calling, there should be someone taking over his conducting ministry.  So far, no one has been moved by the Lord yet.

AJ is currently singing in the church children's choir.  This is 1 way he serves in the church at young age.  Because he is musically trained, he picked up singing skills pretty fast.

Over time the thought of him serving in this area more efficiently started to harbour in my mind.  I have been talking to him about this too but we haven't had any idea how to go about doing it.

Then we went to this concert 3 weekends ago & saw the call for audition.  I nudged him to go, he submitted.  2 weeks later we received news that he is accepted.

We hope that with proper & professional training in singing, AJ would be able to serve in church more efficiently.  We are not sure where this will lead him in the future, but we are committing this to the Lord & pray that this is the direction He wants him to tread.


  1. I've accompanied a boy for SSO children's choir audition before. He stayed with them until he was too old, I think. haha.

    Doesn't AJ have some CCA in school?

    1. He doesnt have. We intend to keep it that way unless he expresses strong interest over any CCA. CCA is not compulsory in primary school.

    2. Ah...and yes, I know not compulsory in Pri school.. My eldest joined school choir from Pri 3 and is STILL in choir now in the University. Brings her places, I guess! The other older 2 - I must credit the school CCA programme as I had never intended them to have any music lessons. It was only bc of school CCA that they asked to learn. So all the older ones were "late starters" in their respective musical instruments.

    3. I heard 1 of them playing violin. Not bad!

    4. Older boy does violin/viola. Matured much already. but in reality started late in primary school when he wanted to join the string orchestra. Another plays erhu. That's why I say must credit the school CCA programmes or they would never actually have taken up music.

  2. AJ is very talented and musically inclined! I'm sure God will help him to use his gifts wisely. :)
    - Adeline @ Growing with the Tans


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